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    How to Deal with Your Children’s Bullying?

    Insults, teasing, fights, ignorance, theft of school supplies… These are situations that children encounter when being bullied on a daily basis. Bullying is not a minor problem or a “simple children’s issue”. In addition to affecting a fundamental stage of life such as childhood, its effects can permanently alter our way of being. Bullying in childhood leaves a mark on the personality that is being formed, influencing the development of emotions, behaviors, and thoughts of the future adolescent and adult. If the problem of bullying is detected in time, the child can be the adult he or she would have…

  • How to Feed a 6-Month-Old Baby
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    How to Feed a 6-Month-Old Baby

    How to Feed a 6-Month-Old Baby   During his first months, a baby’s diet consists exclusively of milk. But, at around 6 months, the baby must discover new foods. Which ones should he choose? How to go about it? This…

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    Let’s Talk About Summer Camps!

    It’s almost summer, so it’s time to look for a summer camp for your kids. To find the right one, you need to know the type of camp, the activities offered and the rules imposed by the camp. You also…

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    How Do I Get My Child to Nap?

    Naps are a relaxing time for you and your baby, but getting your child to sleep during the day can be the exact opposite. Consider these tips for getting your child to rest during the day. How Many Naps Should…

  • Tips for Veggie Gardening With Kids

    Tips for Veggie Gardening With Kids

    Tips for Veggie Gardening With Kids   Building a vegetable garden with children is a fun activity. It allows teaching children, whatever their age, how to eat well to be healthy and what are the best ways to protect the…

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    How to Clean a Baby’s Nose

    How to Clean a Baby’s Nose   Summary     – Step 1: Create a warm, moist atmosphere     – Step 2: Clean your baby’s nose at the right time     – Step 3: Sit or Lie Your Baby Down  …