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6 Tips To Help Develop A Strong Bond With Your Kids

We all have those moments when we are with our children, and our hearts melt. Connection is as essential for us as it is for our children. The stronger our relationship with our children, the sweeter it becomes. We receive as much as we give. And that makes all the sacrifices all the more worthwhile.

Children who feel a strong bond with their parents are more willing to cooperate with what they can. They are still children, but they are much more motivated when they trust that we can support them. Because of this bond, children are also willing to follow our rules.

But we are human, and some days we can only meet their basic needs. Some days we only have time to feed them, bathe them, encourage them, and put them to bed at a reasonable hour.

Because parenting is complex and busy, we believe that the only way to develop a strong bond with our children is to create daily habits of connection. Below are some habits that will strengthen your connection with your child and change your life.

1) Turn Off Technology

Your child will never forget that it was essential to turn off your phone and listen to them. Turning off the music in the car is also a powerful invitation to connect. Since there is no eye contact in the car, there is no pressure, and children (and adults) can quickly open up.

2) Listen and Empathize

Connection begins with listening. Don’t interrupt and say, “Wow. …… and only offer words of encouragement such as. I get it… I see… How was it? Tell me more…” If you also get in the habit of seeing things from the child’s point of view, they will respect you and help you develop win/win solutions. You will understand the reasons for his behavior that would otherwise drive you crazy. This will help you control your feelings better so that your child does not feel like the “enemy”.

3) Bedtime

When you put your child to bed a little earlier, there is still time for reading, cuddling, and chatting. This is a very safe time for your child and a time when you can talk about what happened at school, for example. Your job is to ensure this sense of safety and to listen. Acknowledge and listen to their feelings. There is no need to solve the problem; simply listening is enough for the moment. You can come back to it when you need to. You will be amazed at how your child will open up to you through this ritual!

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4) Be Present

Many of us spend half of our lives in the world’s life. However, your child has only 900 weeks of childhood before leaving home. Before you know it, they are gone. When you interact with your child, be present 100% of the time. Forget everything else and focus on your child. Of course, you cannot do this all day long, but try to do it a few times a day. You will probably do it more and more because it will create a moment that will melt your heart.

5) One to One Time

Strive to be alone for 15 minutes with each child each day. One day do what the child wants to do; the next day, do what you want to do. Let your love flow in those moments, and let them feel your love.

6) Take It Easy

Every moment of the day is an opportunity to make connections. Appreciate the small moments and don’t rush through the day. Take time to slow down and share the moment. Let your child smell the strawberries before you make the smoothie. Smell his hair and listen to his laughter. Look into his eyes and tell him you love him.

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Do you have more tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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