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Cartoons and Shows Kids Weren’t Allowed to Watch

Cartoons and Shows Kids Weren’t Allowed to Watch

Back in my childhood days, I remember there were plenty of cartoons and tv shows and unlimited channels to choose from, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the freedom to choose what I really wanted to watch. I remember, for example, I couldn’t watch an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory because there were lots of obscenities shared between Dexter and Dee Dee.

So, today I wonder about what tv shows other parents used to forbid their kids from watching.

The Simpsons

The SimpsonsIt’s no big secret that The Simpson has such a huge fanbase. In fact, even if today the show’s ratings have gone down and with the voice actors nearing retirement, fans keep coming back and back again for the show. Back in its time, it was a legend because of its originality, amusing antics, charming stories and depth of characters. But, most importantly, Homer Simpson is one of the main reasons why people were obsessed with this show. 

“So, according to this [a magazine with zodiac predictions], I’ll live to be…forty-two?

  Oh, that’s horrible!

  I won’t even live to see my children die.”

See, that’s who I was talking about – the Simpson that could make you laugh with his sarcasm, jokes, common experiences and everyday stupidity. While we may find it hilarious, parents back then were not comfortable at all with their kids watching this show.

And, the offensive language was not the only reason.

There was too much swearing, sexual scenes and rudeness to parents. The son was an underachiever who had no discipline or respect for anyone, while the father was practically a loser who didn’t have time to care for his kids. The show explicitly hints at adultery or temptation too many times and the family was not really setting a good example for children. Some characters were dumb or just messing around, like crushing beers and making inappropriate jokes.

 “My daughter was born in 1990 and I would never have let her watch that show. It was an adult show and not for kids. The situations which made the series funny were situations I saw in real life with other families that had long term bad impacts on the kids and the parents.” —Andrea. M

“I wasn’t allowed to watch ‘The Simpsons’ until I was around 10. It was ‘too adult.’” —Molly S.

“My dad forbid me from watching ‘The Simpsons’ because he claimed that it taught kids to be disrespectful of their parents. I think it was really because he found the character of Homer insulting.” — Derek. M

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Created by Danny Antonucci, this show is an animated comedy series that’s centered on how three silly and clueless boys live their adolescent hood. Personally, I never really loved this show because it was pure stupidity for me. However, I never imagined that it would be among the top shows that were banned by most parents.

Well, I’d love to find the reasons why.

“I don’t want my kids to watch it because they might end up mimicking the actions of the characters.” —Lauren. M

“I banned my kid from watching it because it encouraged him to steal his older cousin’s dirty magazines and he had the guts to even show them off to his friends in front of me.” — Nadia. L

“My parents forbid me from watching it but never told me the reason why and I never dared to ask.” – Mary. P

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo“Man: It says here that your hobbies are girls, chicks and women.”

“Johnny: And, babes? Don’t forget babes!”

“Johnny: I’m pretty, you’re pretty. What do you say, we go home and stare at each other?”

“Johnny: It’s a beautiful day. But not as beautiful as me.”

Everyone knows about that young, muscular and sunglasses-wearing guy who lives with his mother and thinks of himself as the heartthrob of every woman. And, like most classic cartoon characters, Johnny keeps on living in his “misunderstanding” and never learns his lesson.

But, if you’d like to know why parents forbid their kids from watching this show, here are some testimonies:

“I don’t like my kids watching a show that has lots of edgy Adult jokes and when they main character keeps trying to pick up girls.” — Danny. L

“I have to admit this show is a little sexual. Johnny’s flirtatious behavior encourages kids to want to “pick up” the opposite sex.” — Malcom. M


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