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Interesting Kiddiefacts: Weird Things Toddlers Do

Interesting Kiddiefacts: Weird Things Toddlers Do

Last time, I heard one of my friends say that adults can be pretty strange sometimes. Well, isn’t it the same for toddlers?

Ok, so without any ado, here are some weird toddler behaviors.

#1. Hands in the Pants

Hands in the Pants

Have you ever walked into a room and saw your seven-year-old’s hand down his pants or your two-year-old’s hand down his diaper?

I’d say a real mini replica of Al Bundy from the television show Married With Children.

I think many moms and dads must have come across such a situation at some point in their careers as parents.

But, what is this silly thing?

I mean, they are not masturbating. They are not deriving any sexual pleasure out of it. It’s just… I don’t even know what to call that. Are they making sure their penis is still there?

Well, according to experts, it is completely normal for children at that development stage to touch their private parts. They might have irritation in that area and want to relieve themselves from it.

So, before you jump to the conclusion that your kid is indulging himself in a pleasure that he is not supposed to, know that its just an innocuous habit just like you would twirl your hair or squeeze your knuckles.

Alone or at home in front of parents, this habit is acceptable, but not in public.

No parent would let their child play with the weird kid who keeps touching his genitals in front of everyone, right?

But, before you yelled “gross” or “stop doing that” at your kid, try to approach the problem with a calm spirit and instead of venting out your frustration on the kid, try to understand his problem.

#2. Holding His Breath to Get What He Wants

Holding His Breath to Get What He Wants

In my language, I’d call it the “breath-holding spell’.

We have all heard about stubborn or mischievous kids and their tantrums to get what they want. This is just one of them –a more classic one.

Confiscating his favorite toy? Not giving him his favourite cake? And, there you’ll have a stubborn toddler holding his breath until he turns blue in the face.

Sounds pretty funny, but it can be very terrifying for the parents of these toddlers, especially when some kids pass out.

But, here’s the thing: Usually, this is not a voluntary reflex, meaning that your kid has absolutely no control over it.

Most experts claim that such action results when a kid is overwhelmed or has an emotionally intense temperament. And, this can happen mostly to kids between 6 months and 6 years old.

#3. Drinking Bathwater

Drinking Bathwater

What? Yuck!

Honestly, I didn’t get it either at the start. I mean, you might be offering your kid water all day and night, but the latter only find the water in the tub enticing. Weird, isn’t it?

I always find it adorable to watch my little princess play and wriggle around in the tub, but I must admit it becomes less adorable when she starts drinking the water of the tub – which is probably filled with her own pee, the soap and the cleaned-off dirt.

Even though your kid might not really get sick from drinking that dirty, peed-in bathwater, it’s still disgusting enough for you to try stopping her from doing this.

#4. Shoving Every Little Thing Up His Nose or Into His Ear

Shoving Every Little Thing Up His Nose or Into His Ear

Curiosity forms part of the life of a toddler and which cannot be banished from their world.

Whether it’s a gleaming bead, a rock, an old, dusty coin, whatever orifice-size items they find, they will most likely want their nose or ears to be part of the discovery.

Although this behavior is completely normal, I would even say expected from toddlers, it can be pretty dangerous. So, better be wary of things that represent a danger to them.

Now, of course, things such as French fries and spaghetti might not raise the red flag. But, don’t you think it’s better to teach him that “food goes in the mouth and not in the nose or ears.”

Just like the adult’s behavior sometimes, it is difficult to interpret and understand all the behaviors of kids. But, the least you can do as a parent is to stand by their side and help them grow as normal as possible.

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