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Prenatal Consultations To Follow a Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When a woman is in this state, it is essential that she takes care of herself but also of her future baby. This is why it is recommended to have so-called prenatal consultations. Although most women have adopted this, it should be noted that there are still some who hesitate and have not yet taken the step. What are the real benefits of this type of consultation?

The Real Benefits of Consultation Before the Baby Is Born

Doctors urge pregnant women to come for consultations for several reasons. One of them is to identify risk factors. In other words, a prenatal consultation is the first step in determining whether the current pregnancy poses any risk to the mother or the child. Several clinical examinations are requested to determine if the mother-to-be is a carrier of HIV or any other severe disease that can be transmitted to the child.

Apart from this aspect, it is essential to know that a prenatal consultation is an excellent way to benefit from specialists’ advice to live the best possible pregnancy. Indeed, during these consultations, future mothers receive free advice such as eliminating alcohol from their lifestyle or administering certain medications. They are informed about what to do in certain situations, what they should do, and what they cannot do.

Prenatal consultations also allow for monitoring the progress of the pregnancy. This careful monitoring will enable doctors to detect any malformations of the fetus quickly. Thus, a termination of the pregnancy can be planned with complete peace of mind.

You should also remember that consultations before a child’s birth allow for the child’s growth analysis. In addition, they are essential to determine when the delivery will take place. Obviously, this type of consultation allows the mother to prepare herself physically and psychologically for the birth of her child.

Ultimately, it is essential to remember that prenatal consultations benefit the mother and the baby. It is the best way to ensure that there are no complications during the pregnancy.

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Prenatal Consultations: When Should They Be Done?

In principle, the pregnant woman must undergo a total of seven consultations. The first one must be done before reaching 15 weeks of amenorrhea. This is the one that is done before the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. This is the longest of all. The pregnant woman undergoes a series of questions and clinical examinations.

The second consultation is done in the 4th month. This is a clinical follow-up to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing well. During the second visit, the doctor will take the weight, blood pressure, and auscultation.

Then, the pregnant woman must undergo a prenatal consultation in the 5th month of amenorrhea. The doctor who follows you will review the status of the pregnancy. Then, the doctor will prescribe routine tests.

Another consultation is scheduled for the 6th month. During this consultation, the doctor will ask questions to record any complaints. It is also essential to report any pain or discomfort. After the follow-up examinations, the doctor will also order mandatory biological tests.

The 7th-month consultation is essential, as a pregnancy at this stage may present risks of pre-eclampsia. Then there is the 8th and 9th-month consultation. This last one allows for evaluation of the opening of the cervix to give a prognosis on the day of the delivery.

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