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Tips to Take Good Care of Your Baby’s Skin

Taking care of a child’s skin is never easy. And when it comes to babies, it can be worse and even become a daunting task. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. In this article, we bring you our practical tips and natural remedies to make your baby’s skin glow, supple and even.

Fruit Extracts and Juices

A good tip for improving your baby’s complexion is to supplement his or her diet with grape juice.

– Natural fruit extracts help keep the skin clean and baby’s skin will be softer and more balanced.

– Some nutrient-rich fruits increase skin tone, especially the colorful pulp fruits typical of the summer season.

Warning: This tip is only suitable for babies over three months of age. Never try to give babies fruit juice, they should only take breast milk which ensures a stronger immune system.

Hot Oil Massage

The ancient technique of warm oil massage, achieved by rubbing between the hands, brightens the baby’s skin tone, nourishes the epidermis and makes it smoother.

– The use of warm oils adds a moisturizing layer to the baby’s sensitive skin and helps restore the proper balance of oils in the skin cells.

– With regular massage with warm oils, your baby’s skin will become brighter, blooming and reach a beautiful pinkish amber color

– The best natural essential oils for massaging the baby are almond and olive oils.

Bathing at the Right Temperature

Using the right temperature of water while bathing is essential for baby’s skin. Extremely hot or cold water baths can damage a baby’s sensitive skin.

– Excessive temperature can darken the baby’s skin tone and burn.

– To avoid this, always check the temperature of your baby’s bath with your elbow or by wetting your face with the water. Finally, always use lukewarm water to wash the baby’s face.


To keep your baby’s skin smooth, soft and balanced, you need to follow two basic tips:

– Use only good quality moisturizing products to improve or balance your baby’s skin tone.

– For best results, apply moisturizer to baby’s skin three to four times a day. This will help replenish the skin with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and radiant. In addition, children’s moisturizers prevent the skin from drying out too much.

Timed Sun Exposure

It is important to expose children’s skin to the sun early in the morning so that the skin naturally produces the right amount of vitamin D.

After sun exposure, a quick bath in warm water is recommended.

Warning: Never expose your baby’s skin to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. You want to prevent the skin from tanning, or worse, from burning.

Baby Scrub

Useful to rid baby’s skin of dry cells and keep it smooth and balanced.

– It is advisable to use specific oils for children, massage and rub very gently with the hands, then remove the residue with a soft cotton cloth.

This will remove impurities from the surface of the baby’s skin and increase its brightness.

Warning: You must use the utmost delicacy when massaging, otherwise it may not work, or worse, it could hurt the baby, irritating the skin, causing redness or friction burns.

Do Not Use Soap

Never use a bar of soap to wash your baby, as this can cause excessive skin flaking and dryness.

– It is better to use a specific liquid detergent for children or even to take a bath using starch directly in the baby’s water without having to rinse it, thanks to its soothing and emollient properties.

– It is always best to use specific bath products for children, which contain all the ingredients necessary for the care and well-being of the delicate skin of the little ones.

With these tips you can take well care of your baby’s skin. What is your favorite skincare product for your child? We would love to read from you; remember to leave a comment below.

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