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4 Inspiring Movies That Will Boost Your Child’s Motivation to Study

4 Inspiring Movies That Will Boost Your Child’s Motivation to Study

There are many movies that can be considered as life-changing.

But, when you have the daunting task of motivating kids with absolutely no intentions to study, you need unique perspectives to change these obstinate mindsets.

#1. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Go back to your childhood days. Back in the primary or secondary school.

Unless you were a total or even half geek or nerd, your focus was mostly centered on spending time in front of the small screen, making more and more friends and imitating TV characters.

What about learning?

Yup…learning was never really on anyone’s plan.

See, as grown-ups, we know that learning can make things interesting and happening. To us adults, we understand the one difference that learning can bring in the various aspects of life.

However, in their perspectives, kids only see it as a frustrating process being forced upon them.

I opine that Dead Poets Society is the perfect movie to make kids step out of their comfort zones and inspire them to learn.

As one of the best classics of the 20th century, Dead Poets Society is a spectacular movie that has completely bewitched most of the public. The subject, my lords and ladies, is how an English teacher, through his unusual methods, changes the perspective of thinking of a bunch of kids and brings out the best in them, encouraging them to seize the opportunity that comes their way.

Carpe Diem!”

That’s what Mr. John Keating (there’s no denying this man is truly a legend now) keeps on repeating throughout the whole movie.

And, that’s the same line that has mesmerized the whole audience.

Trust me, this masterpiece will mark a change in your kids’ lives, triggering a sudden interest in poetry and literature.

#2. Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking represents much more than just a theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

To many, he is an exceptionally remarkable inspiration with an incredible talent to surpass human intelligence, overcome life challenges and live beyond than what the mind can allow him to.

His goal was simple, yet his life was full of complications.

But, being bound to a chair didn’t stop him from discovering the universe and bringing his contributions to the world of science.

This genuinely motivational story is told through the 2014 biographical movie, The Theory of Everything.”

Capturing the real-life events of Stephen Hawking, this movie progresses into a well-paced and epic storytelling, covering phenomenal stages of life.

This movie is, what I always like to say, a win-win for your kid.

Portraying several scientific theories mostly based on quantum mechanics and classical physics, the movie can challenge your kids to learn and understand some basic concepts and laws of physics.

What a great way to arouse your kids’ interest in science!

There’s no denying that this beautiful movie also depicts how love, passion and humor can keep dreams alive and hope burning.

#3. The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters

Who is the judge?

The judge is God.

And why is he, God?

Because, he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.

And who is your opponent?

He doesn’t exist.

And why doesn’t he exist?

Because, he is a dissenting voice to the truth I speak.

I think many of us can instantly recognize these lines.

A dramatic storytelling of a true story, the movie concentrates on impassioning young people, teaching them lessons of patience, justice and equality and lifting their study spirits.

As kids get involved in the movie scenario, slowly, slowly, they will find themselves with a strong desire to change the world.

#4. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots

Don’t disregard it just because it’s a foreign movie.

What I like the most about this must-watch masterpiece of Rajkumar Hirani is how it depicts the mindset of real-life students and uses entertainment to make viewers understand the clear difference between going to school as a happy backbencher and learning with interest.

Honestly, the first 10 minutes of the movie is enough to get your child hooked to it.


Final thoughts: These are just some epic movies that stand a high chance of boosting your kids’ study determination. However, as a parent, you shoulder at least half of the responsibility of embarking your kids on this journey.



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