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What K-Dramas Are Appropriate for Children?

Which K-Dramas Are Appropriate for Children?

I started watching K-dramas when I was 13 years old and I can testify that nearly most of them are clean. Television standards in South Korea are very strict since one of their largest markets is China and honestly, I think Korean censors allow much less violence or sexual reference (if there’s any at all) than today’s youth-oriented Disney shows. In addition, the Korean culture, as everyone knows, is pretty much conservative, which is why all K-dramas (without exception) always mention showing respect to others – be in it speech or action.

Years ago, many parents forbade their children from watching K-dramas, but now this restriction is slowly disappearing because trust me, it’s rare to see scenes that are not suitable for your kid’s age Instead, I’d say the only thing you have to watch out for is your kid getting addicted or obsessed with it. I started watching K-dramas when I was in college. That was some 10 years ago and I still watch them to this day…a lot.

So, if you are ready to let your 10 or 12-year-olds watch K-dramas, here is a list I would strongly recommend.

Who Are You: School 2015

Who Are You: School 2015This is one of my personal favorites as it features one of the most talented South Korea actresses: Kim So-Hyun. The young adult drama also features Nam Joo-Hyuk, BtoB’s Yook Sung-Jae, Kim Min-Kyu and Cho Soo-Hyang.

It is the 2015 version of KBS2’s “School” series which centers on the life of a bullied high school orphan who ends up in the place of a rich middle-class girl who goes up missing and who looks exactly like her. Lee Eun-Bi and Go Eun-Byul may look the same but their personalities are completely poles apart – while one was a very popular and cool student at her school, the other was a victim of bullying.

It may sound dramatically intense, but this drama will embark your kid on a journey where they’ll learn the importance of having self-confidence. It will also teach them how much important it is to have the support of a good teacher.

Though it has a love triangle in it, there won’t be any kissing scenes. And, I’m sure your kid will love both the story plot and the characters.

Reviews About the Drama:

“There are so many positive things I want to mention about the drama. This is lowkey my favorite high school drama I’ve ever watched. There are lots of good messages and quotes from this drama. Overall, it is a must watch since I learned a lot.” – From Eli. Z

“The mystery was good as it really kept me hook, but I don’t like the ending at all…it was frustrating for me.” – From Rona Harris

“School 2015 is a very interesting take on student life in South Korea and most Asian countries. It’s a must-watch!” – From Nandini Pundit

Extraordinary You

Extraordinary YouBased on the popular webtoon July Found by Chance, Extraordinary You is a 2019 South Korean drama starring Kim Hye-Yoon, Lee Jae-Wook, Rowoon, Lee Na-Eun, Kim Young-Dae, Jung Gun-Joo and Lee Tae-Ri.

This drama follows a high-school girl as she uncovers a shocking truth: she is a character (just an extra, not even a supporting character) from a comic book and everything that has been happening and that will take place in her life is only decided by the writer. However, she decides to take things into her own hands and change her destiny.

You have to agree that the storyline is unique but what made the show popular is the girl’s character. She was much appreciated for her adventurous attitude, her dialect and her adorable “haru-ya” “haru-ya.”

Reviews About the Drama:

“This drama is so unique. It’ll forever stay close to my heart. I can’t even express how much I loved Dan oh. She is a gem of a character.” – From Adis. B

“I learned a lot about life from Eun Dan O. She was really great.” – From Samantha. D

“The OSTs are amazing, the acting from the out of this world cast members is utterly fantastic and I just love the story plot.” –Ananya

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