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4 Steps to Bath Baby
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4 Steps to Bath Baby

4 Steps to Bath Baby



Step 1: Prepare the bathroom and clothes.

Step 2: Fill the tub with water and prepare your baby

Step 3: Give your baby a bath

Step 4: Dry Your Baby Thoroughly and Get Him Dressed Right Away


Bathing a baby takes a little organization and a few simple steps. During the first two months, bath time will be short, and then it will become a time of relaxation and play, which your child will enjoy as much as you do.

This post explains the basics of bathing your baby.

1. Prepare the bathroom and clothes

 Having everything you need to give a baby a bath in good condition is essential.

 – Start by closing the windows to avoid drafts and check the bathroom temperature: warm enough but not too hot, 22°C ideal.

 – Make sure you have a cleansing product and a bath sheet within easy reach near the bathtub to wrap your baby as soon as he gets out of the bath.

 – Have a diaper and clothes ready by the changing table to put on your baby after the bath.

 – Wash your hands with warm water, so they are not too cold to handle your baby.

2. Fill the tub with water and prepare your baby

Make sure the water temperature is right.

In a small baby-sized tub, run the water at 37°C and check the temperature with a bath thermometer.

Caution: if you don’t have a mixer tap, always start with cold water and then add hot water. This way, you will avoid any risk of burns.

Undress your baby

Undress your baby by speaking softly to reassure him, primarily if he dislikes being handled and naked. If he has had a bowel movement, clean his bottom carefully.

Remove your rings if you are wearing them to avoid scratching your baby while soaping.

3. Bathing

4 Steps to Bath Baby

There are 2 ways to bathe a baby: soaping him or her before or after getting in the tub.

Soap your baby out of the water on the changing table

 – Quickly soap your baby’s body and head with your bare hands using a unique baby body and hair wash.

 – Dip your baby in the water by passing your forearm under his neck.

 – If your baby cries, shorten the bath time. If he is comfortable, let him enjoy the pleasure of the bath for a few moments, but not more than 5 minutes in the first two months, because he cools down very quickly. Afterward, you can extend the bath a little if your baby enjoys it and give him a small toy as soon as he can hold it.

This is a safe way to do it if you’re still inexperienced, but it may not be a good idea for a baby who doesn’t like being naked on the changing table. This method also requires having a changing table near the baby’s bathtub.

Soap your baby directly in the water

 – Hold your baby with one hand, still with your forearm under his neck.

 – Soap your baby with the other hand.

 – Then do the same.

4. Dry your baby thoroughly and dress him/her immediately

As soon as your baby gets out of the bath, wrap him in a soft, absorbent bath sheet, covering his head and feet to keep him warm. Dry his or her body without rubbing, dabbing lightly through the sheet. Finish by carefully wiping all folds (neck, seat…) and armpits. Please put on your child’s diaper and get him/her dressed immediately.

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