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6 Exciting Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy During the Weekend

Finally, the time when we all get together as a family at home has arrived: the weekend. For kids, it’s a time to put everything study-related aside for a bit. It’s also a time to teach them new things that can help them in the future. Here are six ideas for activities to do with your kids during this time.


Almost all kids love to eat, and cooking together is one of the best ways to spark their curiosity and develop their senses. Always start with the simplest things to keep them interested. For example, you can start making a sponge cake with plain whipped cream together. The following week, you can teach them to decorate it with fruits, coloring, etc. After several practices, they will easily apply the recipes on the online videos to make good personalized homemade cakes according to their taste.

Making Pottery

Pottery seems difficult and tedious, but it can become a real hobby for your children. At first, make them make small modular objects by hand to decorate their room, just to encourage them. You can then teach them the different techniques to shape the clay in the following weeks. Don’t forget to provide them with a complete set of materials so that their work will improve in quality and quantity over time.


Your little girls should be introduced to sewing so that they can repair the tears in their bedroom curtains themselves, right up to dressing their dolls or cats and dogs as they please. This activity allows them to develop their creativity because sewing almost always requires custom work. However, sewing is not for everyone, so enroll them in sewing classes if you don’t know anything about it.


As for little boys, they can quickly get interested in DIY. For example, you can help them frame their favorite drawings on the wall of their rooms. To do this, you need to buy the necessary materials to complete your project: a frame, hangers, a nail cover, a halyard, and a drill.

Then, choose the materials for the frame to be put in place; the most trendy is to combine wood and aluminum for a better rendering. Of course, it is necessary to supervise your children closely throughout the realization to avoid possible incidents.


Let’s move on to dancing, an occupation that is both fun and beneficial to your children’s well-being thanks to the physical efforts made. It is recommended to enroll them in dance classes so that a professional can supervise them to avoid false moves. After months of learning, you can take the reins by imitating the dances on online videos to have fun together as a family.

Exploring Nature

You should also get out of the house from time to time to show your children the beauty of nature. For example, spend every other Sunday of the month with your family exploring the rural world with its green landscapes, going for a walk in the forest, visiting a zoo, going to see the sea, taking a hike, etc. This relaxing time allows them to step back from their school life, strengthen their bonds, but most of all, motivate them to improve and perfect the activities they have learned previously once back home.

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