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Baby: How To Choose The Right Bedding?

A baby mattress is not bought on the same criteria as an adult mattress. What are the points to check? What are the elements to take into account for the comfort and safety of the little ones? Good bedding is essential for quality sleep.

So, when designing a bedroom, you should not neglect this point. Are you looking for the ideal bedding for a baby? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our few tips on how to choose the right box spring, mattress, and bedding.

Choose a secure and adjustable box spring.


Babies are particularly restless during their sleep. To avoid any incidents, buying a bed with bars or a cradle is wise. The objective is to guarantee the newborn’s safety during naps and nights. On the market, it should be noted that the models of cribs with bars are particularly numerous. The choice is complicated! When buying a crib, don’t stop at the design of the base.

Indeed, cribs with bars must meet strict standards (notably the NF EN716-1 reference) to guarantee a high level of safety for babies. You should therefore give preference to these models when shopping. It is true that babies grow quickly. That’s why buying a modular bed base is a good idea! The height and dimensions of the bed can be adjusted according to the baby’s growth. This is a real boon to avoid buying a new box spring for your little one on a regular basis.

Opt for a mattress dedicated to babies

The choice of a mattress for babies deserves special attention. The bedding must offer a high level of comfort and safety for the newborn. It should be noted that the density of the mattress is an important criterion to take into account. The bedding should be soft, not too firm, or too soft. Indeed, the rigidity of the mattress can compromise the quality of sleep.

On the other hand, if the bed is too soft, the newborn can suffocate in certain positions. Unfortunately, this kind of domestic accident happens often according to the IPAD. In addition, the mattress must meet the EN 597-1 standard in terms of fire resistance. Nowadays, many children suffer from allergy problems and respiratory disorders. Precisely, you will find on the market mattresses made from natural materials: wool, coconut fiber, tencel, bamboo fiber, and foam.

They are considered healthier and more environmentally friendly. In short, caution should be exercised when buying a mattress for a baby’s bedding. To find the right model, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the staff in furniture or childcare stores. The salespeople will be able to direct you to the most suitable mattress for your baby.

Choose baby bedding accessories carefully.

On the market, there are many accessories dedicated to improving the quality of sleep for newborns, such as the baby wedge or the anti-flat head cushion. Should you put them in your baby’s bed? For many pediatricians, these accessories are not essential. In fact, they should be banned from the crib. Indeed, accessories tend to modify the infant’s physiognomy and his ability to move spontaneously. For the bed linen, cotton models are perfect. They are comfortable, soft on the skin, and easy to wash.

Some recommendations for the proper care of a baby’s bed

Baby Sleep

During his first months, the baby spends almost all his time sleeping. That’s why you should regularly clean the bedding to remove bacteria, insects, and small food debris that may be nesting in it. Also, be careful about the items piled up on the bed: comforter, pillow, sheet, blanket, towel, sponge, various toys… Indeed, the child can choke on these objects.

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