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Best Kids Shows

Searching for something to enjoy with the kids that will keep them entertained? The best children’s television series is back, and they’re more incredible than ever — and this season of new Netflix episodes (and beyond) features several of the best throwbacks to everyone’s faves.


And anyway, there’s nothing easier than sitting down on a couch, cueing up your favorite channel, and then watching a couple of episodes of a family-friendly program on the TV to keep the kids happy — or to even fill up a little of that spare time on your plan.

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And today, thanks to streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max, it’s quicker than ever to swiftly find the best family-friendly shows at your fingertips, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. 


If you’re looking for some exciting new premieres of all the best children’s and family TV shows that are available or will be available soon on various networks and streaming services, here are some exciting new films of all the most incredible children’s and family TV shows that are available or will be available very soon — on multiple networks and streaming platforms.


There’s something for everyone, whether you have big kids or toddlers, superhero fans or curious minds — and even if you’re not a huge fan of binge-watching with your kid, you can always watch one of the best kids’ movies of all time. Remember, even if you’re all staring at a computer silently together, it’s still family bonding.


Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls

This program, created by Lauren Faust, the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, follows an all-teen, all-female squad of famous superheroes who must keep Metropolis safe while still having fun as friends. Ages 8 and up


Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, available on Netflix.

This series, directed by Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water), concludes the sci-fi/fantasy epic trilogy that began with Trollhunters and 3Below. In it, one of Merlin’s apprentice wizards must travel across time to seize control of the magic that connects the realms of trolls, aliens, and wizards. Ages 7 and up


Discovery Family and Netflix’s True and the Rainbow Kingdom Network

Rainbow City’s people can only rely on True, an 8-year-old girl, and Bartleby cat when something goes wrong. True demonstrates her problem-solving abilities in every episode. There are three spin-off shows — True: Magical Friends, True: Wonderful Wishes, and True Tunes — as well as several one-off specials if youngsters appreciate it. Ages 4 and up


Babies of the Muppets

The little Muppets are in childcare next to each other, just like their parents were when they were kids, and they’re still learning how to solve problems with their imaginations. Summer, the Penguin joins Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, and the others as a new friend. Ages 4 and up



Dragons: Rescue Riders (DreamWorks Animation) is available on Netflix.

This program is about twins reared by dragons and can communicate with them. If you are a How to Raise Your Dragon fan who is disappointed that the film franchise is over, you can keep them immersed in the world of dragons and Vikings for a little longer. DreamWorks, Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing, a 45-minute musical special, debuted in July. Ages 5 and up


The PJ Masks are available on the Disney Junior television network.

The fourth season of this popular children’s show premiered in May with “Heroes of the Sky,” a four-part episode that serves as a mini-movie. Throughout the summer, new episodes will air. Ages 4 and up


Clifford the Big Red Dog Network is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Emily Elizabeth and her dog Clifford will return for Season 1B in early February, complete with a fresh cast of characters and brand-new original tunes, so get ready for more adventures with everyone’s favourite Big Red Dog. Ages 3 and up

Let us know in the comments, what were your fave childhood show…

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