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Have You Ever Heard Of The Montessori Bed?

Do you know the Montessori pedagogy? It is a learning method that promotes the freedom and autonomy of young children. It appeared in the ’80s by Maria Montessori. Over time, she gave birth to the concept of the Montessori bed, a crib installed on or near the floor. What is it? What are its advantages? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything about the Montessori bed.

The concept of the Montessori bed


In the Montessori pedagogy, children are free to sleep when they want. Parents should not force them to do so unless they want to. It is in this vision that the mattress placed on the floor or very close to the floor (Montessori bed) was born. It encourages children to be autonomous by getting up and lying down as they please. Thanks to the positioning of the bed, they will be able to enjoy the freedom to lie down and get up.

In fact, when you think about it, our children are like prisoners in a bed with bars, even though it is a safe environment. The traditional bed does not allow them to develop fully. The Montessori bed, on the other hand, promotes self-confidence, independence, and creative development. It allows toddlers to have the opportunity to express themselves to the fullest. To make the experience work, place items around the bed that will contribute to the child’s independence: small chairs, tables, toys, bowls, plates, and more.

The advantages


The main advantage of the Montessori method regarding sleep is that it offers freedom to both parents and children. You will find that your child will cry less in the morning and evening. Thanks to the configuration of his bed, he will no longer be forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. When they are sleepy, they will go back to bed. He will decide of his own free will when to take a nap.

As soon as he’s awake, he’ll be able to resume his activities instead of crying in his crib. You won’t have to run into his room to cuddle him or put him back to sleep, giving you more time to yourself. The Montessori pedagogy also contributes to the physical and psychic development of your child. It helps your child discover the world around him.

Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from participating in your child’s bedtime. Why not introduce a little reading time before each bedtime? This gives you the opportunity to be alone with your child. What’s more, reading is a good way to put a child to sleep. Not to mention that the Montessori bed already promotes good sleep. The little one will not be able to complain about the monsters under his bed. A little advice: put a box spring or a carpet under the mattress to avoid humidity problems.

Choosing a Montessori bed


You can find a variety of Montessori beds on the market: DIY, high-end, custom-made… Some models have a protective barrier to prevent the child from rolling out of bed. Others have storage drawers. The choice is numerous. You can find the one that best suits your child’s needs. Right now, Montessori hut beds are very popular. They are appreciated for their style.

With this natural wooden bed, you can offer your child a cocooning corner and additional insurance. If you have a limited budget, a more economical alternative is to install a simple mattress in the corner of the room. Whatever your choice, we recommend that you choose a wide bed to prevent your child from rolling out of bed if he or she has a restless sleep.

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