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How To Make Home-schooling Work.

During the current pandemic, students found themselves compelled to study from home. Some parents decided to stick to the home-schooling system even at the end of the quarantine period. There are different reasons why parents decide to home-school their children; some do not agree with the school system, or they feel that there is a lot more freedom for their children to flourish through home-schooling.

Is Everyone Capable Of Home-schooling?

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Everyone is capable of homeschooling…

There are hundreds of different ways to approach home-schooling. First of all, know why you want to home-school your children and understand what type of values you want for your children. Many parents rely on the education system to instill values in their children, but parents need to know that sometimes the values from home and from school may not align and, of course, confuse the child.

Note down what you want for your family and start researching based on this list. You may find blogs and forums that may help. There are so many different groups that you can get involved in; it will help you to pave your own way.

Individualize Learning

In a classic education system, there are standards that are broken down in classrooms by teachers. Each classroom has a maximum capacity of thirty students and each student have their own needs in term of learning. Everyone does not learn at the same pace and sometimes, what is working for one may not work for another.

So, just as a teacher will try to provide each student with individualized learning, you should try to be in tune with your child’s needs. I think that as parents, we are more capable of doing so as we understand our children better.

Some parents find it effective to make notes about each child. Note how they progress, their abilities and from then, you will know what is good for them and will be able to plan a learning chart suitable to them.

You can plan weekly or find resources online where there is some plan ready to be downloaded.

A Not So Balanced Life

Every parent has so much to take on, and sometimes it is so difficult to balance it all. The answer to this is quite easy: recognize that there are no true balances to every role you can take on. Balance is theoretical, but we are constantly out of balance as human beings. The trick is to realize whenever you are out of balance and think about what you can do to restore it.

It is a constant work of bringing everything in harmony. Sometimes as parents, we lose the ability to connect to ourselves as we are so busy and things are so convenient and fast-moving that it is very hard for us to reflect on our state.


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Get Rid Of Distractions.

Whenever you are home-schooling your children, there is a lot of distraction that will come your way. You should try to keep every kind of distraction out of their sight. Devote a room in your house for learning with no distraction. As you may know, children get easily distracted.

Adults get distracted too. Whenever you dedicate time to teaching, make sure to stick to that program until the end. Children mimic what they see, and if they see that you are easily distracted, they will let their thoughts wander too.

Minimize screen time and have a limited amount of minutes where they can watch television or play on their tablets. If ever you are letting them use their tablets for a long time, make sure that it is for educational purposes. Be cognizant of what your children are exposed to.

Home-schooling is not a piece of cake for everyone, some may have been forced to adapt during the pandemic, but it may also be a pleasurable experience for parents and children alike. Let us know in the comments how home-schooling is going for your children…

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