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How to Get Your Child to Eat More Vegetables

We have 10,000 taste buds when we are born, but by the time we are 80 years old, we have only 3,000, yes, only 3,000. This is why children have a higher concentration of taste buds and are very sensitive to bitter tastes. This fact also makes it a little tough to get children to eat vegetables. Indeed, it requires patience, but these tips can help make it easier for you!

Hide Vegetables in Their Dishes

Some children do not like to sit at the table if green, red, or orange things are on their plates. In particular, slightly cooked vegetables (and easily recognizable) are often not eaten willingly by children who have many likes and dislikes. If you still want your child to eat vegetables, hide them so well that your child won’t even notice that he is eating them.


Make a fruit smoothie, but in addition to fruits, add vegetables—for example, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, etc. You know, while your child is happily drinking a strawberry or banana smoothie, he will also have some vegetable intake.

Vegetable Soup

Make a smooth soup with onions, courgettes, broccoli, and other vegetables. Place the soup in a small bowl and add, for example, sausage or breadsticks to it. Your child will have a mouthful of delicious soup in no time, and you can finish it off entirely with breadsticks. Vermicelli would also make an interesting item for your little explorer.

Combine Meat and Vegetables

Many children love meatballs. Try making patties or burgers with hidden vegetables. It is easy to mix finely chopped mushrooms, onions, or spinach with ground meat. This is not only very tasty but also a healthy bowl.

Veggie Ball, Balls, Vegetarian, Healthy, Food, Lunch
Veggie Ball, Balls, Vegetarian, Healthy, Food, Lunch

Omelets With Vegetables

Many children love omelets, so why not add vegetables to them? Chop them into small pieces and mix them with beaten eggs. For instance, you could add potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, green onions, and much more. It is unlikely that your child will notice it.

Serve Leeks or Courgette Pancakes With a Delicious Sauce

Bake small pancakes and serve them with a delicious yogurt sauce. You can also use zucchini or green onions in your pancake batter, along with cheese or feta cheese. Spinach pancakes are also delicious with chicken or smoked salmon.

Vegetable Pasta, Vegetable Rice

Cut the courgettes into spaghetti shapes (there are handy utensils available) or grate the cauliflower into rice or couscous. If the spaghetti or rice is covered with a delicious sauce, the child will probably not recognize it as a vegetable.

Pasta, Green, Cheese, Veggie, Food, Pastry, Plate

Food Fun

Make a picture of the food on your child’s plate or an animal. Even better, do it together. The internet (Pinterest, etc.) is full of fun food inspiration. This has a high chance of making your child see eating as a fun activity, and they will be willing to consume it quickly.

Cauliflower Pizza

Pizza is a favorite of many children. With cauliflower as the base, the pizza already has a lot of vegetables in it. For instructions on how to make it, please see this recipe. Believe it or not, after baking, it does taste like regular pizza. Let your child help you choose the “toppings” for the pizza and decorate it together. Then your festive meal will be complete.

Breaded or Fried Vegetables

What child wouldn’t be tempted by a crispy snack? Crisping up the skin of vegetables will make them much more attractive to your beloved daughter. For example, you can pan-fry and deep fry eggplant or make tempura batter. Just dust the vegetables with flour, dip them in the batter and deep-fry them. Bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, and courgette eggplant are ideal. This may not be suitable as a daily dish, but it occasionally gets the vegetables into their stomach.

Ask Your Child to Help You

Promote your child to “sous chef” by shopping together. Ask your child to wash the vegetables, shatter the dry spaghetti, or decorate the pizza. The more they help, the more likely they will want to taste something.

Do you have any other tips to help kids eat more veggies? Leave it in the comments below!

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