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How to Choose Your Baby Diapers

How to Choose Your Baby Diapers


    – Role and use of baby diapers

    – Diaper and child’s weight

    – Different types of baby diapers

    – Specific diapers for water or potty training

Baby diapers are, along with diaper creams and talcum powder, essential elements of infant hygiene. You will change an impressive number of diapers during the first years of a baby’s life, and we are talking about 6,000 diapers changed between birth and potty training for a single child.

Role and use of baby diapers

As a parent, you will be responsible for providing your child with impeccable hygiene. Changing diapers is an integral part of this, and not just a little, since you’ll be changing them about ten times a day during the baby’s first few months of life. Not regularly changing his diaper can lead to diaper rash, which is more than embarrassing for the child, and even painful.

The diaper retains stool and urine as long as it is well attached, of good quality, and chosen according to the child’s weight. It is recommended that parents change their baby’s diaper as soon as it is soiled to keep the baby clean and dry.

Diaper and child’s weight

As the child’s weight evolves, it is necessary to change the diaper size. There are 6 different diaper sizes:

    – diaper size 1: from 2 to 5 kg;

    – diaper size 2: from 3 to 6kg;

    – diaper size 3: from 4 to 9 kg;

    – diaper size 4: from 7 to 18 kg;

    – diaper size 4+: from 9 to 20 kg;

    – diaper size 5: from 11 to 25 kg.

It is essential to check the size of the diaper and the weight indicated at the time of purchase because depending on the brand; there may be significant differences.

Tip: Avoid buying large quantities of diapers too far in advance, as children’s weight usually changes quickly.

Different types of baby diapers

Before the baby’s arrival, parents-to-be will have to ask themselves this question: classic disposable diaper or washable diaper? A recent type of diaper has also emerged: the ecological disposable diaper! So what to choose:

    – The classic disposable diaper: made of synthetic netting, it is attached with two self-adhesive strips and is thrown away after use. It has a high absorption capacity and is rather practical to put on and throw away.

Baby Diapers

    – Cloth diapers: made of soft, natural fabric, available in a wide range of colors and styles, they attach with a Velcro strip. It sometimes requires the use of a waterproof diaper and optional padding. Despite a higher purchase price than the classic disposable diaper, it is more profitable over time. However, it requires additional handling, such as washing, drying, and storing the soiled diaper.

    – The ecological disposable diaper: biodegradable disposable diapers made of natural materials, without perfume or dye. They are not necessarily more expensive than the classic disposable diapers of recognized brands.

Baby Diapers

Specific diapers for water or potty training

For newborns, the question will hardly arise. However, as far as disposable diapers are concerned, two other kinds of specific diapers can be beneficial:

    – The training diaper: in the form of panties to be put on by the feet like a slip, it allows the child, during potty training, to be able to slide it off and on by himself.

    – The swim diaper: like a disposable bathing suit, the swim diaper can be convenient during a vacation at sea or in the paddling pool of a campsite. Made of a specific material, it will soak up less water than a classic disposable diaper. Elasticated, it will hold well to your little one’s body, even in the water!

Finally, one argument for cloth diaper fans: a report has highlighted the presence, in disposable diapers, of several dangerous chemical substances likely to migrate in urine and to come in prolonged contact with the skin of babies. The experts conclude that it is therefore not possible to exclude the existence of a risk linked to the wearing of disposable diapers. 

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