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Let’s Talk About Summer Camps!

It’s almost summer, so it’s time to look for a summer camp for your kids. To find the right one, you need to know the type of camp, the activities offered and the rules imposed by the camp. You also need to ask yourself some questions. Is your child ready for this adventure? Is he or she used to traveling? And also, if you, the parents, are prepared to let the child face a new environment alone far from you.

Types of Stay

In summer camps, there are various types of stays. You need to make sure that your children will thrive during the trip. You can choose between multi-activity, sports, language, and itinerant stays abroad.

– Multi-Activity Trips

This type of stay is the favorite of parents. In this case, the camp offers various activities and entertainment. This is the best way for children to enjoy their vacation and practice the activity of their choice. Activities include: water activities, sports activities, cultural and artistic activities.

– Sporting Holidays

Participants will have the opportunity to choose the sport that suits them. They can choose between individual or group sports. This is the ideal choice for parents who want their children to practice sports activities during their vacation. It will also be an opportunity for them to learn a sport that they are not used to doing.

– Language Camps

Language stays during summer camps allow young people and children to learn one or more foreign languages depending on the country of destination. For this type of stay, there are different themes to choose from, depending on the child’s motivation, autonomy, and especially his or her language level. There are sports, art, culture, and other themes. In all cases, children and teenagers benefit from an immersion in the destination country.

– Itinerant stays abroad

This stay allows children and teens to discover other foreign countries and cultures that are different from what they are used to seeing. Summer camp counselors offer a variety of activities depending on the culture and weather conditions of the country to be visited. Generally, sports activities, swimming, visits to historical places in the country, hiking, and many other games are on the program.

Choosing a Camp

To know which camp to choose for your child, you must first determine his/her tastes and interests. Then, visit the site to see if it is well laid out, clean, and safe. You can even ask the staff to do a one-day simulation so you can see some of the activities your children will be doing. If you choose a specialized camp, you can ask the camp director about the time allotted for specialized activities and the types of activities. You should also ask about the ability and skills of the counselors who will handle the children if they get sick, cry or have behavioral problems. Be aware that the staff members and teaching teams that make up the summer camp organizers must hold a diploma such as the BAFA or BAFD.

Since your child will be away from you for a few days or weeks, it is advisable to choose certified summer camps to ensure a safe stay. The organization must have an NF Service certification granted by AFNOR. This label will allow parents to be reassured in terms of quality and safety conditions.

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