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Parental Control: More Protection For Children

The Internet is considered a free and easily accessible source of information. Indeed, whether it is to get information on a product, find a good restaurant or a garage in a place, it is enough to search on the Internet. It is also an essential communication tool for companies.

You should know that currently, there are about 4.85 billion Internet users in the world. This number is composed of children, teenagers, and adults. This is quite understandable because you can play, communicate, get information, and learn on the Internet. Whether it is to make known a product or an event, it is the fastest and most effective way.

Indeed, the Internet, especially social networks, is full of malicious people and traps. However, you can also be scammed, swindled, and manipulated. Children are the most vulnerable, as they are not fully aware of their danger. How do you protect them? How can we prevent them from falling into traps?

1. How to protect children from the dangers of the Internet?


Although the Internet is a fast and efficient communication tool, it is not without danger, especially for children. They are easier to trick and manipulate. Social networks are the favorite playgrounds of sexual predators. Because of their lack of experience and naivety, children may unwittingly post personal information or photos showing them in an embarrassing situation.

Criminals will take advantage of this to trick them. They start by posing as children of the same age as your children. Having gradually gained their trust, they will continue by offering to meet them, etc. In addition to this, there are obscene photos and videos that they can find on the Internet and social networks.

Not to mention the fake news and forums that tend to influence teens to follow them. Nowadays, when the Internet is a major part of our daily lives, work, and even our education system, it is impossible to forbid children from accessing it. The only way to protect them is to warn them about the dangers they face and the risks they run.

Accompany them as much as possible


In the past, children wanted game boys, game consoles, etc., as gifts, but now they ask their parents to give them a smartphone or a tablet. Since you cannot deprive them indefinitely, it is better to teach them the right reflexes and accompany them.

Let them know about the dangers that can arise. Do this in the same way you taught them to take the bus alone. They should also be wary of strangers. Don’t give them much freedom either. They should only use their phone at home and in your presence.

Establish rules such as hours of use. Ideally, you should proceed together to set up their Facebook, Instagram, etc., account. You should also know their password, etc. If they use a computer, place it in a common room. This way, you will have more opportunities to monitor them.

Use parental controls


What is it? Parental control is installed on smartphones, game consoles, and televisions. In fact, it is a system that allows parents to control access to the Internet. To subscribe, you just have to make a request to the operators like Orange or Free.

This will allow you to protect them from inappropriate content circulating on the Internet and social networks. Parental control also allows you to manage the time of use of the phone and consumption. Moreover, there are different parental control platforms. You can choose according to your child’s age and the content and sites you want to prohibit or allow.

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