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Top 5 Best Tips To Earn Your Child’s Respect

Respect is something that is earnt and isn’t a given. The cultural influence imposed by new information and communication technology makes it difficult to maintain family harmony. As a result, family education in the 21st century leaves much desired. However, there was a time when respect for elders was not required, as it seemed automatic. It is important to know that the culture of respect results from the interdependence of several facts.

1. Respect them first


As it is often said, family life is a school. Every child needs a life model to idealize and then copy to grow up well. Usually, the child is wrongly accused of rudeness, whereas this fault lies with their guardians.

Moreover, child psychology requires that the example come from the elders. Therefore, the initiative for respect must come from the parents. The simple fact of making sure to speak politely to the child will affect the child’s behavior and will result in mutual respect.

2. Playing on proximity

Respect and integrity are basic principles that our children must adhere to. Contrary to popular belief, parent-child proximity is a variable that should not be neglected to gain your child’s respect. This strategy is quite delicate because proximity strengthens family ties, establishes interdependent trust, and nourishes love for the other.

The result is unique: mutual respect. Therefore, in spite of the daily routine, parents need to organize themselves to talk, play and laugh with their children. For an optimal result, it is necessary to opt for activities of proximity and exchange such as family outings, collective games, weekly jogging, or reading a storybook.

3. Constantly look after his well-being


The happiness and well-being of the family are a daily priority. Taking care of your child’s well-being seems to be a logical step for parents. However, this benevolence is not always recognized by the children. When this is the case, the blocking factor is often misunderstood.

Signs of respect appear logically as soon as the child becomes aware of the importance of the parental role. Everything must be tried because this feeling of parental protection constitutes a security guarantee in the child’s psychology. In order to remedy this, it is necessary to be more explicit in gestures and sometimes in words.

4. Talk, not dictate rules

In the family, behavioral rules are not learned; they are acquired. It is not enough to wish for a wise and respectful child. To fulfill this wish, one must have exemplary behavior. Some parents believe that the repetitive dictation of household rules promotes compliance by children.

Contrary to popular belief, this strategy only produces the opposite effect. This failure is due to the psychological brutality generated by the dictatorship. In order to optimize the result, conversation and discussion should be emphasized. In this way, your child will understand the why and how of the rule. This understanding is the key to registering, respecting, and enforcing each rule.

5. Consider its importance to the family


Regardless of age, each member of a family has their own place and assignment. Each person’s personality is based on their position and the importance that their family gives them. This allows them to find their bearings, appreciate themselves, and appreciate others.

A child lost in their bearings will not show any interest in others. If they know their place and their role, they will give you importance. Likewise, if they are considered, they will give you respect as a form of recognition in order to keep that precious place.

Being attentive to their opinions and knowing how to listen to them constitute a very high consideration in the eyes of a child. This positively affects the esteem and respect that children have for their parents.

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