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Tips for Creating a Child-Friendly Living Room

Wouldn’t you agree that an elegant living room is perfect for energetic and creative tiny dwellers who jump on the couch every day or draw on the walls when their talents awaken? Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy a functional and harmonious interior that is not overloaded with decorative elements and allows children to play freely.

In this article, we have prepared some tips to help you organize a safe and child-friendly interior without abandoning the sensory improvement of the living room as a place for adults to relax.

Choose a Durable Couch

When we say durable, we are not kidding. If you want to enjoy a couch that remains wholly unchanged and comfortable even when your kids play hard, you need furniture with a rigid structure such as metal. You also need to pay attention to the material of the fasteners. Avoid plastic-bonded ones and choose metal screws.

For upholstery, fabrics such as cotton are recommended, as they are very durable and effortless to maintain. Avoid organic leather because it scratches and velvet because it wears out quickly. Dark tones such as blues, browns, and dark grays are preferred, but you can also go for beige or cream sofas with floral patterns for a brighter look.

Make Room for Toys

You’ve already seen the pain caused by unexpected contact between Legos and feet. While there is no guarantee that you can protect your children from such accidents, keeping your living room tidy is easier if you have enough space for their toys.

For toys that are not used very often or are prone to getting messy (musical instruments, paints, etc.), choose a method of storing them upright, as it is more suitable for those with less space to reach. Use baskets made of wood, felt, or bamboo and an organizational kit will make it easier to find what you need without having to empty the entire contents of the basket.

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Provide a Wall Where You Can Do Artwork

One thing is for sure, sooner or later, every child will draw something on the wall. For that time, it is a good idea to prepare a particular space for children to show off their talents. You can mount a blackboard on the wall and design a clown or a cat on it, or you can turn the wall into a blackboard where they can draw anything they want. This is a place for your child to draw whatever they want with colored chalk.

Choose a Rug That Is Soft to the Touch and Easy To Clean

Your child will be spending a lot of time on the rug in your living room, so choose a rug that is made of safe, natural materials and has a comfortable design. You also need to be prepared for minor mishaps such as different colored substances, adhesives, and food stains. For example, short-haired kilim rugs are easier to clean than synthetic fur rugs.

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Choose Furniture With Rounded Corners

Round furniture with no sharp corners is recommended, especially for families with children just starting to walk. Choose a round coffee table or a large sofa or chair with a tray that can be placed on top. Don’t forget to replace chairs with padded ones with stiff arms and provide one or more places that are especially child-friendly (such as teak chairs or rocking chairs with seat belts). Children’s furniture can be placed in one corner of the room but can easily be moved around the room for family activities.

Aesthetic furniture that meets the whole family’s needs is more beneficial than a sophisticated space that disturbs the children. In addition, a living room that is suitable for all ages will allow you to keep an eye on your children as you go about your daily life.


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