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Top 8 Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep

Newborns sleep a lot – up to 18 hours a day, which they need to develop and grow properly. But just because they sleep a lot doesn’t mean they sleep 18 hours straight, and usually not at night when you want to sleep. It’s important to make sure your baby has a comfortable and safe place to sleep, whether it’s in your bed or in his own bed, and to try to turn off the lights as much as possible at night, but what do you really do when he refuses to fall asleep? It can sometimes seem hopeless, but we’ve put together the best tips here.

1.Full, Dry and Content

No baby wants to fall asleep hungry and with a wet diaper. Before you try to get your baby to sleep, make sure he’s not hungry and doesn’t need a new diaper. If you want to get your baby to sleep before dark, it may be a good idea to try giving him some extra food, whether you are breastfeeding or giving him formula.

2.Baby Carrier or Sling

Many children fall asleep more easily when they are carried. The sound of your heart, your voice, and safe arms all help put the baby to sleep more easily. Purchasing a baby carrier or sling is a good option for those who want to make carrying easier while keeping their arms free.

3.Tap Your Baby’s Bottom

Lightly tapping your baby’s bottom in a rhythmic fashion can help calm children. Try turning off the room if the child wakes up at night to make it easier to get back to sleep.

4.Create a Sleep Routine for Your Baby

Humans learn through repetition. So it can be a good idea to introduce a sleep routine as early as possible. There are many different routines, from baths before bedtime to fairy tales, to massaging the baby or singing lullabies. The important thing is that you repeat your sleep routine every day in the same order before bedtime.

5.Rock the Baby or Take the Stroller Out

Sleeping in a crib or swing can calm a baby, and a ride in a rolling stroller can have the same soothing effect.

6.Let Your Baby Sleep Outside

One trick is to let the baby sleep in the stroller after the walk (during the day). If you don’t have a garden or balcony, the baby can still sleep in the baby carriage in the hall, but don’t forget to take off some clothes and blankets so that he or she doesn’t get too hot.

7.Don’t Be Afraid of Noise

Many people are afraid to make noise when the baby falls asleep, but it’s not necessary. Newborns are used to a constant high level of noise of about 80 decibels. This means that sounds can be soothing to toddlers. So you don’t have to be afraid to vacuum when the baby is sleeping – on the contrary, many parents can attest that their golden nuggets often fall asleep immediately if they are carried in a sling or carrier while being vacuumed or to the sound of the dishwasher rumbling.

8.Take Your Child for a Drive

You’ve probably heard many parents say that their babies only fall asleep in the car. One of the reasons many babies fall asleep in the car in particular, aside from the soothing sound and speed of rocking, is that many infant seats are designed so that children sit with their legs up against their tummies – which can be nice in the case of colic, which is a common problem for small tummies.

There you are, you now can try those tips to help your baby fall asleep easier. How old is your newborn and how are you coping with him/her? Let us know in the comments below.


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