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Top Fruits for Child Growth

Everyone knows this sentence: a child; 5 fruits a day. Indeed, fruits are composed of essential nutrients to help children grow properly. The vitamins, fibers, minerals, and antioxidants present in fruits are highly beneficial for them. Here are some of the best fruits for child growth:


The main action of this fruit on your child’s growth is to provide a good amount of nutrition. Have him consume oranges in the form of juice, and; you guarantee him full of vitamin C. Oranges are one of the fruits that help your child get what he can get from milk. In addition, this fruit helps eliminate toxins from his body. There is no right time to eat oranges. Make it a habit for him. At breakfast and at snack time, don’t let him go without it. You will then have a child who is always full of energy.


This fruit is considered the perfect companion for the growth of all children. From their early years to their teenage years, it provides them with what they need for ideal development. As with other fruits, there is no time of day that you have to respect to fill up on vitamins with a banana. It can be eaten at breakfast or at snack time. As soon as your baby is 4 or 6 months old, you can start feeding him crushed bananas. It can also easily be mixed into his porridge, and he will naturally enjoy it since it does not alter the taste of his food.

From the age of 3, children themselves ask for this fruit because of its texture, shape, and unique taste. The advantage is that it is available all year round, and your little one will have the opportunity to fill up on energy all the time and without any break due to the seasons. Note that this fruit is also helpful for children who are going through adolescence.


Full of vitamin A, mango is in the second position on the list of the most consumed fruits in the world. It is available all year round and covers enough nutritional needs for children. According to nutritionists, this fruit provides the body with more vitamins than many others, and it allows children’s bodies to assimilate iron. In some parts of the world, it is dried and then consumed in powder form by children, but it can also be consumed in many other forms. For instance, children can drink mango juice to help with digestion.

However, when your child is still small, it is recommended to cook it to avoid allergies. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid making them eat the fibrous parts of this fruit. Apart from these different points, your child will have a good growth and an excellent nutritional contribution by consuming this fruit regularly.


This is the fruit that the body relies on to fill up on carbohydrates. When your child eats an apple, it provides their body with 80 kcal, which is distributed throughout its fibers. It is the fruit that allows the body to reduce its cholesterol level because it contains antioxidants. It should be remembered that when the blood is freed from cholesterol, the respiratory functions of the child are also freed. Available throughout the year, this fruit is the ideal companion to strengthen the body’s digestive functions and leaves it full of energy. It can also be used in several recipes. Thus, your little treasure can consume it in several forms and at any time of the day.

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