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Walking Baby Tips for a Good Walk

Walking Baby: Tips for a Good Walk

Walking Baby: Tips for a Good Walk


 – Different carrying accessories for walking baby

 – What to take with you when you walk your baby

 – Walking baby: duration and age

 – Where to walk, baby?

Taking a baby for a walk has many benefits for the little one who has a vital need for oxygen, light, and sunshine. Moreover, taking the baby for a walk contributes to his soothing and helps him fall asleep and sleep better once he is back home. It is also an excellent opportunity to discover the outside world and new sensations. 

Different transport accessories for walking baby

Walking Baby Tips for a Good Walk
baby stroller

A walk should be an enjoyable and relaxing moment for both mother and child. Good equipment is thus necessary for the comfort of all. To take your baby for a walk in complete safety, you must choose a transport accessory adapted to the child’s age and the parent’s needs. For that, several types of equipment exist:

 – the baby carrier: even if the carrier is more of a transport tool for the car, you can use the carrier occasionally for short walks;

 – the baby stroller: for older children, from 1 year old;

 – a baby carrying accessory (sling, hammock, baby carrier): from the first days.

In addition to the carrying accessory that is coming back on the scene, the carrycot for newborns is ideal for walking. Indeed, installed in a lying position, the child can fall asleep comfortably while having enriching moments of awakening. Moreover, in winter, it protects them from the cold. 

What should I take with me when I take my baby for a walk?

Before going on a stroll with a newborn, consider bringing some items with you to be prepared for any eventuality, especially in terms of the infant’s comfort and hygiene. Here is a non-exhaustive list of essential items:

 – clothes adapted to the weather, especially a wool vest or a small blanket (infants are cold);

 – when the weather is nice, sun cream, a hat, and glasses;

 – a bottle of water;

 – a bottle of milk in case the walk is longer than expected;

 – a bib;

 – a blanket and small toys such as a rattle;

 – a change of diapers, wipes, and possibly diaper creams;

 – plastic bags.

Taking baby for a walk: duration and age

The duration of a walk and the frequency of outings should be regular and adapted to the child’s age.

At what age should a baby be walked?

You should know that if the maternity ward staff has decided to let you go out, there is nothing to prevent you from taking a little walk with your baby, and this is from the very first days. Everything depends on the weather, the temperature, and your new organization. However, be careful with small or premature babies, so ask your doctor for advice before going out for a walk.

Moreover, if the child is sick or has been ill recently, avoid taking him out quickly and wait a few days, especially if it is raining or if it is foggy.

How long to walk a baby?

When your baby is just born and a few days old, he gets tired quickly. Therefore, start with short walks of 15 to 20 minutes before moving on to walks of 1 hour. In any case, between the frequency of diaper changes and bottle feeds, you will have little chance of walking the baby without keeping an eye on your watch. It is essential to respect fixed schedules adapted to the child’s needs (often immediate).

Once the baby is older, nothing stops you from taking everything with you, diapers, wipes, and bottles, to enjoy the great outdoors for as long as you want.

Where to take the baby for a walk?

When walking your little one, it’s best to choose quiet, peaceful places that are conducive to relaxation and fun. Recommended places to take your baby for a walk include public gardens, parks, playgrounds, green spaces, woods, and low-traffic streets.

On the other hand, you should avoid some places such as crowded and noisy hypermarkets, downtown areas, narrow roads, and dusty roads.

Reminder: do not take your baby out during the hot hours of the day or in bad weather to avoid any stress. It should be an enjoyable walk.


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