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10 Questions to Ask a Childminder

10 Questions to Ask a Childminder


You are looking for a childcare solution for your baby and have chosen a childminder? It is essential to ask the right questions during the interview to make the best possible choice.

Prepare a small list that will allow you not to forget anything and reassure you!

Q. 1: Are you certified?

If you are looking for a childminder, make sure you confirm that she is certified. This is mandatory. Ask her to show you her certificate of approval (which must be renewed every 5 years). She may also be able to give you letters of recommendation from other parents.

You must have confidence in this person, so reassure yourself by all means!

Q. 2: Do you keep other children?


The number of children entrusted to this childminder can be a determining factor in your final choice. Is it necessary to you that your child shares this care, and the premises, with others to prepare him/her for life in a community and to allow him/her to make friends quickly? Or would you prefer your child to be alone, enjoying the exclusive attention of his nanny?

It’s debatable! And it’s your choice.

Q.3: Do you know first aid?

Does she have a first aid certificate? Does she have any knowledge or experience in first aid? Would she agree to give baby medicine if he was sick?

This kind of skill in this area, in the event of a boo-boo or incident, would be a definite plus for her! So it’s essential to know.

Q.4: Do you have any ideas for stimulating the baby?


There is nothing like a dedicated nanny who will stimulate his curiosity and help him discover new things through age-appropriate activities and games to encourage baby development.

By asking this question, you should quickly realize that she is motivated and interested in this job!

Q.5: Do you have screen rules?

Beware of childminders who have a taste for the small screen! The temptation to leave baby in front of it, to allow them to do other things, can be great for some of them.

So, if you are against TV, tell him openly. If you’re for it, in small doses and from a certain age, tell him how you feel and try to set up some rules to follow together.

Q.6: Do you smoke?

That should be a matter of principle! But regardless of whether or not your caregiver smokes, find out under what conditions she does. Make sure that she does not smoke in the presence of baby and an outside area (the garden, the terrace…).

Important: the question must also be asked to her entourage… The nanny may not live alone!

Q. 7: Are you flexible in case of delays or unexpected events?


You are in traffic, and your meeting ended late… Some childminders are not very tolerant of such unexpected events. Test her reaction on the subject!

When should you ask her to take a vacation, and how soon should you notify her? All these questions are essential.

It is important to start on a reasonable basis, clear and defined in advance. This will help you avoid possible conflicts when the time comes!

Q. 8: For the meals, what are your habits?

Will you provide the meals? Or will you let the childminder cook for baby? This is something you may want to discuss with her.

What are her eating habits? Is she a vegetarian? Is she a homemaker?

Don’t hesitate to investigate… All the answers to these questions could be decisive for your decision!

Q. 9: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


This interview is also, and above all, a real job interview! Therefore, you can use this simple and compelling question to better understand the candidate’s personality.

Be careful. What will the childminder’s reaction be? If she tells you she has no weak points, beware! Trust is essential in the relationship that you will establish with the nanny.

So… does she seem to be telling the truth?

Q. 10: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Unfortunately, some nannies break their contract as soon as their baby is enrolled in school, and after-school care is less financially interesting for them.

Depending on your expectations (and even if it is still a long way off!), it may be relevant to ask her about this. Long-term relationship follow-up is vital for toddlers, and if it is essential to you, don’t forget to talk about it…

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