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5 Rules to Promote Pregnancy
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5 Rules to Promote Pregnancy

5 Rules to Promote Pregnancy


Some women wait months, even years, for the arrival of a happy event. So, to put all the chances on her side, there are a few rules to create a climate conducive to the arrival of a child.

1. A healthy living environment

It is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get pregnant. Indeed, a rested body and mind promote fertility.

Some simple codes:

    – A restful sleep.

    – Not too much alcohol: the liver influences the hormonal cycle.

    – No smoking: slows down the circulation of the ovum in the fallopian tubes.

    – Not too much coffee: excess caffeine increases nervousness, which reduces fertility.

Good to know: if you lack sleep, treat yourself to a good nap after lunch, you will come out refreshed. 

2. A balanced diet


To have a child, the mother-to-be, like the father-to-be, must follow a strict diet. The diet affects the hormonal balance, which is responsible for fertility. Being overweight or having certain deficiencies can cause infertility problems.

To find a good balance, you must organize your diet around 3 essential vitamins:

    – Folate or vitamin B9: to increase fertility and decrease the chances of fetal malformations. This supplementation must start 4 weeks before conception at a rate of 0.4 mg per day (one tablet) and be continued until the 12th week of amenorrhea.

    – Vitamin E: to increase fertility and fight against cell aging.

    – Vitamin D: to facilitate the implantation of the embryo.

Good to know: exposure to the sun promotes the creation of vitamin D.

3. A strong morale

5 Rules to Promote Pregnancy

Constantly calculating your ovulation times is not advisable, as this could increase stress. It is now known that stress during ovulation reduces the chances of conceiving a child (whether or not it is your first) by 45%.

An excellent moral and psychological balance can be decisive. To do this, you must enjoy your life as a couple and take pleasure together, without asking too many questions.

Here are the 4 keywords to promote a pregnancy

    – cuddling;

    – desire;

    – pleasure;

    – serenity.

Good to know: the female menstrual cycle consists of 4 phases and lasts 28 days. When an egg is fertilized, this cycle is interrupted to develop an embryo, then a fetus. 

4. Boost your fertility

Some food supplements can help you to increase your chances of getting pregnant. They fill certain gaps and imbalances that remain in your body.

Food supplements facilitating pregnancy:

    – Spirulina: algae rich in vitamins, proteins, iron, and trace elements.

    – Evening primrose oil: rich in gamma-linoleic acid, this fatty substance acts on the female reproductive system by regulating estrogen and progesterone secretions.

    – Chaste tree: this plant plays a role in the progesterone cycle, which is involved in the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which hosts the embryo, and ovulation.

Attention: in case of hormonal treatment or medically assisted reproduction, it is better to ask your doctor’s advice to take good food supplements.

5. Regular physical activity

5 Rules to Promote Pregnancy

Regular physical activity will help you stay in shape and increase your chances of conceiving a child.

Recommended physical activities to keep in shape

    – Yoga: to take care of your body and mind.

    – Sophrology: to fight stress.

Good to know: yoga will also be beneficial when you are pregnant. Some exercises are specially adapted to the morphological changes.


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