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7 Tips For An Effortless Diaper Change When Your Baby Hates It

It is common for babies to hate changing diapers. Some infants don’t like it! Why exactly is this so? And what can you do to make diaper changing a little easier for you and your baby?

The Eternal Diaper Battle

Is it a recognizable feeling to have to change your baby’s diaper? It is not strange if you know that there will be loud cries and screams every time you do it. It’s hard to keep clean when your baby has floating feet that try to resist.

Why Does My Child Hate Changing Diapers?

Many children do not like to have their diapers changed. Especially when it interrupts what they have been working on (in the case of toddlers and preschoolers). Hysterics during diaper changes may indicate that your child is not entirely mentally prepared. For example, if the baby has just woken up and does not want to be rushed through the diaper change. It is also possible that the baby is exhausted at the time and does not want to be changed. The baby may also be uncomfortable because of a cold bottom.

However, there is no apparent reason why babies do not like to have their diapers changed. This can vary widely among children and at each age stage.

Tips to Make Diaper Changing a Little Easier

Here are some tips to help you out with diaper change as a parent:

1) Preparation

It is helpful to have everything ready in place before each change. Having everything within reach at once makes the process quicker and easier. It’s really not cool to grab a new diaper while your baby is in hysterics.

2) Distractions

Put a new toy in your baby’s hands that he or she has never had before. Children are little explorers, and it is fascinating for them to pick up something new. You will find that this works really well with new toys. At some point, this will no longer work, and your child will become bored, and it will be time to introduce something new. This can be a safe household item!

3) Notification of Change

Since children are almost always preoccupied with other things, it is essential to notify them of the change, preferably several times. That way, he or she won’t be suddenly surprised against his or her will and have to abandon the activity.

4) Involve the Child

Children like to have a sense of responsibility. Therefore, give your child mini-tasks while changing clothes. For instance, you can just provide them with a cloth to wipe their face and hands!

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5) Change Diaper While the Child Is Standing

Is your child already walking and does not like to be disturbed during the activity? Then one option is to let your baby change clothes while standing. That way, he doesn’t have to stand still and the idea of being disturbed. But of course, this will not work for pooped diapers.

6) Talk to Your Baby

Some infants feel more comfortable when you talk to them. Thus, you are trying to make it a pleasant moment. It won’t work for all babies, but you can still try it in a crazy or cute voice and see if it works.

7) Wait for Your Child to Come In and Change

This works for some children; you can ask them twice, three times, four times, five times to come and change. Your baby will come back for a clean diaper after a few calls if you are lucky! This method works best when you feel that a clean diaper is really needed after your baby has pooped.

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What do you do to calm your baby during diaper changes? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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