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How to Pamper Your Kids the Right Way?

How to Pamper Your Kids the Right Way?

Honestly, I don’t like calling it “pampering” – I rather call it “rewarding!”

When your kids have been on their best behavior for a very long period of time, I say it’s high time to give them the “royal treatment.”

So, here are some ideas on how you can pamper your kid the right way!

Try Some Fun Activities With Your Kid

Try Some Fun Activities With Your KidWhen we talk about “pampering”, it’s easy to start thinking about materialistic things first. Whether it’s for toddlers or teens, you’ll want to get the hottest gadgets or their old favorites from years past. However, pampering has nothing to do with the latest adventure playset or the new generation PlayStation 4. In fact, continuously showering your kid with such gifts can have a bad influence on his character. Such pampering can result in your kid growing up as arrogant, spoiled and dependent.

It’s true that we are living in a very consumerist world where both parents and children are exposed to heavy marketing and this indeed has put a lot of pressure on parents to buy the best toys and gadgets for their kids. However, offering too much of this stuff to your kids can trigger an addiction in them.

This is why the best way to pamper your kid is to do some fun activities with them. These activities will stimulate their development and improve their creativity. For example, there are some fun brain-sharpening games like scavenger hunts, word games and classic ones like “I spy with my little eye…” that can enhance your child’s cognitive skills as well as his language.

A Sweet Treat

A Sweet TreatEveryone, without exception, loves to enjoy something sweet and it’s no big secret that desserts can make anyone smile.

While it’s true that you shouldn’t give many sweets to your kids, there’s absolutely no harm in letting them indulge in a sweet treat from time to time. It’s one of the best and simple ways to pamper your kids and give them the royal treatment.

Furthermore, a sweet treat can instantly improve their mood and make them feel better.

Let Them Pick Dinner

Let Them Pick DinnerBeing an Indian, as a kid, I used to love all kinds of Indian food, especially the spicy curry and the Idlis. However, there was one thing I used to hate so much that I would cry whenever I would see it on my plate at the dinner table. Spinach!

Disgusting and green, this veggie was my childhood nightmare. Yet, my family would serve it every Thursday night and not just a bit, but a huge mountain load of it. Back then, I couldn’t understand how people could actually swallow it. In fact, every Thursday, my mom would give me a long pain in the a** lecture about how if I’ll eat it, I will become very beautiful and a rich and handsome boy would be chasing me. Despite that, I never wanted to eat it (yeah, I was even ready to become an ugly witch and sacrifice the “rich and handsome boy”).

Obviously, all kids have that one food that they hate and they’ll always quickly shove it into their mouth and down their throat at dinner tables, but maybe on a weekend, you could give your kids the chance to pick what they want to have for dinner.

I know it’s not going to be easy to let kids make such important decisions, but this would be a great way to pamper them and make them feel important.

Take Them on a Date

Take Them on a DateThey say dates can give a person a much-desired ego boost and make him/her feel very happy. So, how about trying this with your kids?

Instead of a couple date, I suggest taking your kids out on a date and treating them to some great time. I promise you they’ll love it!


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