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8 Summer Clothes for Baby

8 Summer Clothes for Baby

Prevention is better than cure! It is essential to protect baby from the dangers of summer. And it all starts with choosing the right clothes, first of all, so that he doesn’t get too hot and prevents him from getting sunburned. High temperatures, aggressive sun rays…

How to dress baby in summer: the 8 essentials.

The undershirt

Prefer the undershirt, which stops below the waist, to the bodysuit, which prevents the air from circulating. Choose a cotton one, and it’s even better to avoid sweating!

When it’s hot, don’t hesitate to leave your little one in this simple undershirt without adding anything to it. Choose light-colored swimsuits; they attract less heat.

Important: check the inside of each garment and cut off the tags. They can scratch, sting, stick and irritate baby’s skin.

A hat or cap

The must-have headgear! Whether a cap or a hat, it is essential to protect the baby from the sun. Direct exposure to the sun can be hazardous for him. Heat stroke, sunstroke…

Please choose a model with a visor to protect his eyes which are also very fragile. And if you choose a cap, it should be low enough to cover his ears.

Our advice: if the hat doesn’t have a visor, you can choose to add a pair of glasses, adapted, of course, to your little one’s morphology.

A t-shirt

A t-shirt can replace the undershirt in hot weather or be added over it if it’s a bit cooler. It has the advantage of being looser and, therefore, not sticking to baby’s skin: the air circulates more. Prefer it with long sleeves for maximum protection! 

Please note that using a baby carrier or a sling will count as an additional layer of clothing. Keep this in mind so that baby doesn’t get too hot. 

The swimsuit

It’s vacation time! Many parents tend to let their babies run around naked on the beach. This is a mistake because the sand contains microbes, and the sun is too aggressive.

That’s why it’s strongly recommended that you wear a bathing suit, preferably a full-length one that provides 100% protection. Especially since many manufacturers nowadays offer beautiful and stylish models of this type.

Shorts or a skirt

In summer, when it’s hot, baby will appreciate having his legs in the air. So, shorts or a skirt, do not hesitate! However, always choose light and airy materials, so they don’t stick too much and let your child’s skin breathe. 

Note: frilly panties for little girls are also a good idea. 

Thin socks

If it’s sunny, but your baby is in the shade, you can easily leave him barefoot. He usually loves it! But when you go for a walk, for example, always make baby wear a pair of light socks to avoid sunburn on the fragile tops of his feet.

And if he feels like standing up and running around, why not keep a pair in his stuff?

Tip: choose light cotton socks. They will be ideal for fighting against perspiration.

The vest

Baby is usually lightly clothed this time of year. But always have a little vest to put on him when it’s cooler. Don’t forget that a baby always moves less than a big child or an adult and that he cools down much more quickly.

Prefer vests made of soft materials with some stretch. Try natural textiles and hypoallergenic detergents whenever possible.

Good to know: as a general rule, you should put an extra layer of clothing on your baby compared to an adult. As for those who weigh less than 2.75 kg, they will always need an extra layer. 

A sleeping bag

The ideal temperature for a baby’s room is around 18°C. In the summer, when the temperature is high, put your little one to sleep in a sleeping bag with a tog of less than 1. And when the nights are sweltering, it’s advisable to cover him with a simple sheet tucked under each edge of the mattress and pulled up to the waist.

Good to know: the tog is the unit of measurement of thermal insulation of comforters and clothing.

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