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How to Choose Clothes for Premature Babies
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How to Choose Clothes for Premature Babies?

How to Choose Clothes for Premature Babies?


    – How to choose clothes for premature babies?

    – Preemie clothes to choose from

    – Where to buy clothes for premature babies and at what price?

Among our 5 senses, the sense of touch is the first one the future infant develops in selling its mother. After a premature birth, choosing the right clothes for your baby is vital because it is through self-contact that he will feel reassured and reduce his stress.

These clothes will have to be carefully chosen because they will help him maintain his body temperature alone. We take stock of the situation.

Clothes for premature babies: how to choose them?

How to Choose Clothes for Premature Babies

Several factors are to be taken into account before any purchase. Indeed, a child born prematurely:

    – has a smaller size than usual (50 to 55 cm), so the clothes will be smaller (40 to 50 cm);

    – is more prone to the cold because of a lesser presence of body fat, it is thus advised to superimpose several layers of clothing;

    – has sensitive skin, so clothes should be chosen in soft materials and washed with a detergent for sensitive skin.

Moreover, a premature baby grows faster than a full-term baby, so it is advisable to choose only a few clothes for the maternity ward and then buy others according to his growth rate.

Note: booties and warm hats complement the clothing while warming the baby’s extremities.

Mommy’s dressing for premature babies

How to Choose Clothes for Premature Babies

Dressing a premature baby depends on the age, the number of devices or infusions on the baby, and whether or not the professionals have given their permission.

Depending on your type of clothing, it will influence his:

    – behavior and mood;

    – state of stress;

    – well-being.

Thus, it is advised that you privilege the clothes giving him more freedom of movement:

    – Bodysuits and bras are light and easy to put on and take off.

    – Pants and thin tops will serve as pajamas in the early stages.

    – Vests with a wrap-around closure, which are very practical.

On the other hand, clothes that tend to hinder the infant’s movements should be avoided. You should avoid sleeping bags and any garment that is too heavy.

The most used and practical materials remain:

    – cotton;

    – wool for hats, socks, and booties

    – Velvet.

Good to know: some brands offer clothes, especially for very premature babies, with a lot of equipment.

Where to buy clothes for premature babies and at what price?

Clothes specially designed for premature babies are available on the Internet and in all stores selling clothes for infants and young children.

Prices vary according to quality, size, and materials used. The average budget varies:

    – $10 to $30 for pajamas.

    – 5 to $20 for leggings.

    – 10 to $40 for a set of 4 bodysuits.

    – Between $5 and $10 for a woolen hat or socks.

Please note: in the case of an unplanned premature birth, the first clothing is provided by the hospital or clinic where the child was born.

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