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How to Choose Baby Clothes on a Budget
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How to Choose Baby Clothes on a Budget

How to Choose Baby Clothes on a Budget

A baby grows up fast, and it is possible to find clothes that are not expensive to dress him, either by mail order, on the internet, or by going to different places such as garage sales, clothes markets, second-hand stores… This post will guide you in choosing your baby’s clothes on a budget.

Cheap baby clothes: criteria of choice

It is possible to find new baby clothes or second-hand clothes. In this last case, think then:

    – the quality;

    – cleanliness;

    – to give preference to comfortable, natural, and healthy materials (wool, cotton, linen);

    – to take a size larger than your child because he/she grows quickly;

    – choose clothes that are easy to put on.

Prices and points of sale for cheap baby clothes

How to Choose Baby Clothes on a Budget

By mail order and on the internet

If you choose this method, you don’t have to go anywhere, and you save time.

There are now many links on the internet, whether they are individual or organized by people who put the buyer and seller in touch with each other to help young parents and promote:

    – conviviality;

    – the link;

    – exchanges between people;

    – the mutual help;

    – trust;

    – the quality of the clothes;

    – another way of consuming, being more thoughtful, responsible, ethical, and fighting against waste.

This new way of selling and buying also exists for toys, books, and all childcare equipment, including cloth diapers.

Clothing exchange

The baby clothes market is most often organized by volunteer associations that are very attentive to the quality of the clothes and refuse any stained, used, or outdated clothes. It is collected twice a year: at the beginning of spring, then autumn.

Prices are usually no more than $5

To know the dates of the clothing fairs, contact your town hall, look on the internet, or… in your mailbox because a bit of information is often slipped in.

Garage sale

The garage sale can start from an individual initiative or be organized by an association, a village, a town hall, or a festival committee…

You will also find meager prices here, but be careful with the clothes.

Emmaus community and relays

The principle is based on the donation of clothes which are then put on sale. You will find a wide choice for a minimal budget ($1, $2…).

Second-hand stores

They are often located in downtown areas. Individuals come to drop off their clothes.

Some department stores and new clothes stores

Here, the big sales and sales of June and January “break” the prices.


When a store is in disaster or goes bankrupt, or some of its models have a defect, its stocks are deposited in sales places, lowering prices. Finding small new and marked-down clothes at low prices is possible.

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