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9 Things to Consider to Make Your Baby Happy

Seeing your babies happy gives you total piece of mind. Thier smile tells you that they are pleased, that they feel good about you and that you are taking good care of them. If you are not sure of how you can make them happy, chill! In today’s article, we bring you tips to make sure you make your little ones happy.

1.Your Voice

When they are born and face a world where everything is unexpected and different, their parents’ voice is one of the few thing that is familiar. So speak to them with a soft voice when you notice that they are agitated and in a more animated tone when you see that they are in a wonderful mood. With the former, you will calm them and with the latter, you will make them smile. And explain everything you do to them, when you bathe them, change them, even when they cry. When they cry, talk to them to let them know you are here and that you are coming to their “rescue”.

2.Your Arms

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Forget the misconception that your child is going to be spoiled. When children have been enough in your arms, they grow up with the security that you will be there for them. So take them when you see they need it, and do it at a gentle pace. Rocking them also has a sedative effect, improving their development and balance.


Music plays an important role in the brain as it improves your children’s brain connections. Remember the lullabies that were sung to you and sing them when you hold your babies, bathe them and give them a massage. If you don’t remember the words, just humming will work wonders.


The contractions at the end of pregnancy were perceived by your little ones as “soft hugs”. So now that they are with you, feel free to continue touching them gentling and giving them lots of cuddles. Make sure that on the delivery day, the medical team takes care of placing your baby on you and in your arms as soon as they are born. With their first lullaby, it will be easier for you to recognize and begin to love each other, and breastfeeding will also be easier. At home, don’t hesitate to caress your children while they are drinking or while giving them a bath.


By giving them massages, you will foster your emotional bond with them, because through this contact you will learn to interpret their signals, and get to know them a little better. Set aside a time each day to give them a massage. Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature and place them on a safe surface. Use a special baby cream or oil to gently glide your hands over their body, moving slowly but surely. Start with the legs and work your way up to the stomach and chest, until you reach the arms and face.

6.The Routines

Routines are important because they will help your babies and you organize your lives. Bathe them every day at the same time, and follow the same routine. You should keep a regular time for bath, massage, dinner, story, petting and sleep. This is the best way to let them know that bedtime is coming. And follow this type of organization for the rest of the daily tasks including wake up, eating, napping.


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It’s not just fun, but it will help develop their intelligence and their relationship with the world. First with your hands and voice, then with age-appropriate toys. So, we recommend you spend fun time with your baby every day. Tickling, singing, jumping, crawling down the hallway, catching bubbles… anything as long as it is age-appropriate and fun!


The parents’ scents, especially the mother’s one, is the first thing a baby encounter at birth. Moreover, this form of bonding is accentuated by breastfeeding as their nose remains glued to their mother’s breast. Forget colognes for the first few weeks of your babies’ life as artificial smells will mask your natural one. Stay with your baby and favor skin-to-skin contact for a while.


Water relaxes and stimulates a baby at the same time. Turn the bathroom routine into a fun time. Bring the water to a comfortable temperatureabout 37ºCand hold your babies firmly. Use the soap to caress their skin, let the water slide down their body… And later, when your little ones sit down, teach their to splash, catch the foam, give their a toy…

Here you are! Those the nine things to consider if you want your baby to be happy. How old is your little one and what are the steps you take to take care of him/her? Let us know in the comments below.

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