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Bathing A Newborn Baby: 8 Tips

Bathing is very relaxing for the baby, but it can be quite challenging, especially the first time. Here are some steps to make bathing your baby as easy and safe as possible!

When To Bathe Your Baby?

On the birth day, a baby’s skin has a white oily layer. This layer is composed of vernix. This layer should not be washed off immediately. For this reason, babies should not be bathed until they are two to three days old. Your maternity nurse will tell you when she thinks your baby is ready.

1) Baby in the Bath: The First Time

The nurse will also assist in giving the baby’s first bath. They will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how best to handle the situation. If you are still unable to get out of bed after delivery, the nurse can explain this to your partner. They can also teach you how to bathe your baby in your own room if you have space for a tub.

2) Choose a Good Time

It is not suitable for the baby to be bathed when hungry. Therefore, choose a time between two feedings. However, do not bathe immediately after or just before feeding. If he has just had a drink, he may return the milk while you are bathing him.

3) Prepare All Your Belongings

It is helpful to be well prepared when bathing your baby. That way, your baby will not catch a cold when you are busy. Please prepare these items.

– hot water bottle

– clothing

– bathtub or tummy

– bath thermometer

– changing mat

– wipes

– clean diapers

– large towel

– soap-free cleansing gel or baby bath oil

3) Warm up the Room

Room temperature (bath) of 20 to 24 degrees Celsius seems to be good for babies. Keep windows and doors closed when the baby is in the bath. It may not be cold for you, but it is cold for your naked baby.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Baby?

4) Keep Clothes Warm

Prepare a hot water bottle and wrap a set of clean baby clothes around it. That way, the baby can wear warm clothes after the bath. Be careful not to let the press studs hit the hot water bottle, as they can become hot. Clothes with a newborn should only be warm.

5) Temperature of the Baby’s Bath

You can bathe your baby in bath or a tummy tub. Always rinse the bath or tummy tub well first. The water temperature should be about 37 degrees Celsius. You can measure this with a bath thermometer. If the difference between body temperature and water temperature is barely perceptible (i.e., it is neither cold nor warm), it is the right temperature. You can dip the tip of your elbow in the water; elbows are more sensitive than hands. Tip: Fill the bathtub with hot water and make it half a degree warmer before undressing the child. That way, the water will be at the right temperature when the baby takes a bath.

6) Undress Your Baby

Now it is time to undress the baby at the changing table. Remove the diaper and wipe the baby’s bottom with a towel before bathing him.

7) Bathing the Baby

Now you can finally bathe your baby. Place your left arm under the baby’s head so that the baby’s head and neck rest on your left wrist. Hold the baby’s left arm with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. This way, it will not slip. Lift the baby’s bottom with your right hand. Then, gently submerge the baby’s head in the water so that you are supporting the baby’s neck down. Your child does not need to spend so much time in the bath; 5 to 10 minutes is often enough. Most babies love baths, but some babies scream. Here, you may want to “restrain” your child and put their feet on the edge of the bath. This way he will feel more secure in the water.

How to bathe a newborn | BabyCenter


8) Do Not Use Soap

A baby’s skin is sensitive and vulnerable. Babies do not yet have an “acid mantle” to protect their skin. This is like a “jacket” that protects the skin from dehydration, irritation, and infection. The stratum corneum, which is part of the epidermis, is not yet fully developed. The stratum corneum protects against bacteria. This layer does not fully develop until about the fourth year. Therefore, care should be taken in using baby care products and they should not be bathed too often. Two or three times a week is sufficient. Do not make the water too hot, and do not use soap. A few drops of baby oil in the bath is a good idea. The oil will keep the skin supple and soft.

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