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Teens Dealing With Addiction

Your child is changing; their grades are crumbling, they are more irritable, have become more distant, and lost interest in everything they once enjoyed. Teens are more exposed to drugs now, they can be bought as bread on the streets and you should be extra cautious to change your child’s behavior- in this article we will discuss what is addiction and how to handle it when it comes to your child.

What Is Substance Abuse And Addiction?

It may be difficult for many to make the difference between substance abuse and addiction as it is very slight. Substance abuse is the wrong use of a legal substance or the use of an illegal substance, however, addiction starts with abuse – when it occurs more than once – when it becomes a habit.

Abusing drugs or alcohol does not mean that you are an addict – for example, you could have smoked marijuana but you do not create a dependency, you are only abusing the drug- but abuse can further lead to addiction.

There are different substances that can make someone addicted, when we talk about addiction most people think about cocaine but we can get addicted to cigarettes or even glue. It is true however that there are certain substances that are highly addictive and there is no need for several cases of abuse before you become an addict.

An addict has no control over his desire of consuming drugs- the body has grown so used to receiving that it cannot go without them. Addiction is not only physical but also psychological.

Physical Addiction

Physical addiction means that one’s body becomes dependent. When someone is physically dependent at a certain point their bodies will create tolerance which means that they will need a larger dose to get the same effects as their body get used to the current dose.

Someone who is physically addicted and stops using a substance like drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes may experience withdrawal symptoms. Common symptoms of withdrawal are diarrhea, shaking, and generally feeling awful.

Psychological Addiction

Psychological addiction is when the drug user feels overcome by the desire to have a drug. They will do anything in their capacities to get drugs – stealing or even worse crimes.

They touch the bottom line when their lives revolve around drugs- and can’t do anything else. They may leave their jobs, fight with family members and dissociate.

Signs Of Addiction

One of the most obvious signs of addiction is the need for drugs over and over. But, it may not be very apparent as the abusers will not be vocal about it or won’t abuse the substance in front of you. So, you need to look for other signs.

Psychological Signals;

– use of drugs as an escape.

– loss of interest.

-stealing or selling belongings.

– mood swings.

– anxiety, anger or depression.

Physical Signals;

– Changes in sleeping pattern

– Hands shaking

– Change in eating habits.

Getting Help

The teenage years are the years when we test everything and may get lost. If you think that you are become addicted to substances or you may know someone who is addicted to substances you may want to reach out for help.

Most people when they think about getting out of addiction may think that they can get out by themselves but this is far from the truth. You need to find someone who you trust- you will be able to talk to them. It doesn’t matter if it is someone your age or an adult- find someone supportive that won’t judge you.

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