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Caring for Twins Can Be Easy with the Right Tips

The arrival of a baby in the world is a big change for the whole family, but if instead of one, there are two or… three or more, the challenges are multiplied almost in the same measure. But not to worry! We are here to help! In today’s article, we bring you tips on how to properly care for twins. Read on to learn more.

Two in the Same Cradle?

Like all newborns, they need time to develop good sleeping habits. At the beginning, babies can sleep in the same crib to feel safer and calmer, because this reproduces the situation in the womb. It will only be necessary to separate them to prevent them from waking up if their sleep patterns are different. If you want them to continue to sleep next to each other, there are beds specially designed for twins.

Crying Twice

Crying is one of the most stressing situations for parents, and if it happens twice, the nerves suffer seriously. On many occasions, you won’t know who to comfort first. She tries to stay calm and thinks that even if they cry for a few more minutes, nothing will happen to them. Solve problems one at a time and always keep in mind that one of the things about twins is that within a few weeks they will learn to wait their turn. Over time, you will get to know them and know at all times who to pay attention to first, and you can even rock them and pay attention to them at the same time.

Breastfeeding Is Possible

Your breasts are ready to feed more than one baby. The amount of milk is not a problem, because the greater the stimulation, the greater the production. The pediatrician will check the growth curve of the babies, which will indicate whether it is enough or whether it is necessary to give them additional bottles.

The ideal is to learn to breastfeed them at the same time, one from each breast. This way, they will regulate their rhythm and you will have more free time between feeds, because at the beginning, as they are not very heavy, they will have to eat every two hours. The midwife will show you how to do this. The most comfortable thing to do so that your back does not suffer from the weight of both babies is to feed them in bed. Place the babies on your side with their legs back and their heads facing your chest. There are special pillows available, but if you don’t have one, place a regular pillow under each baby’s body so that their mouths are at the right height. Switch them from one breast to the other.

If you are bottle-feeding, share the feed with your partner or family members to save time. Alternate babies so everyone can enjoy the cuddles and snuggles that come with feeding time.

Buy for Two

There are many items in stores that make caring for and resting with children easier, such as double backpacks, crib dividers, stroller clips, special strollers… Planning what you need based on the characteristics of your home, visiting specialty stores, asking other parents for advice and buying according to your needs are wise steps. The websites of multiple birth associations will be a good place to start to find all kinds of special accessories for twins and triplets. A great option that you should not forget is used merchandise.

Don’t Call Them “The Twins”

Just because they were born at the same time does not mean that your children are identical. Each has their own character and it’s important to reinforce their individuality from birth. Spend time with each one separately and call them by name, trying not to address them as “the twins”, “the twins”, “the kids”… It is advisable to promote the personality of each child by choosing different clothes for them. If people confuse them because of their great physical resemblance, it is good to associate each child with a distinctive sign – colored ribbon, brooch, pin… – that allows for quick identification.

Here you are! With those tips, caring for twins will be very easy. So do you have some other tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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