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The Best Things You Can Feed Your Kids

All of us need food to live, and feeding can be a hassle because they are too picky and don’t like certain stuff. But you need to keep them healthy, and one way to do this is to feed them 5 fruits and vegetables every day; I know this is easier said than one, but it is for their own sake.

If they don’t like eating plain vegetables, feed it to them in ingenious ways by making vegetable fritters, smoothies, or even juices. You need to get them used to these foods, and in the long run, they themselves will ask for them. So, without further ado, let’s get into the listen of things that you can feed to your kids, and that is good for them!



Okay, this might seem appealing to kids or adults alike, but a bowl of oatmeal is a great way to start your day. I love oatmeal, and I can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it is a hearty meal in which you can add a fruit or two, and this will bring in more fiber and vitamins to your diet. Oatmeal is filled with fibers, is good for your digestive tract, and is a great cereal alternative.

To get your kids to love oat, start slow and start by feeding them oat milk (if you grew up Asian, then you know what a glass of oatmeal taste like, it is heaven in a glass) or even oatmeal cookies. This high-fiber food will teach your kids the benefit of having a balanced diet and will make them into adults who aren’t afraid to try new things.



Yogurt is another really healthy food that you can feed your kids’ can is an excellent vehicle in which you can add fruits and your kids won’t make faces to eat these. Yogurt is especially helpful for kids who don’t drink milk because it is a good source of calcium and is great for their bones. Make sure to search for yogurt that isn’t filled with sugar but rather search for those who have added probiotics. Look for yogurt, which has live active cultures which is also low in fat and sugar.



The old saying “an apple a day” is not far from the truth because having a healthy diet keeps you fit and healthy and helps you cope with diseases. Like most fruits, an apple can be an excellent half-day snack that your little munchkin can chop on when they are hungry and need something sweet to pass their hunger.

Apples are not only juicy and sweet but are also very low in calories, about 90 calories for a medium apple. An unpeeled apple has about 5 grams of fiber and is also a great source of vitamin C. Try not to peel the apple because it makes it lose half of its fiber and teach your kids that the peel is great to eat and this is less wasteful.

Tuna fish


If you grew up poor like me, you know and love tuna fish, it is not only cheap but is a versatile product which can be made into several meals, fish, in general, is super healthy and are a great food to feed your kid. If you are rolling on a budget, then tuna fish is an excellent alternative to fresh fish; it is a healthful fish that most children like because it doesn’t look or smell too fishy.

Like most things, tuna fish is more than okay in moderation and is a great gateway food to introduce your kids to new flavors and tastes. To make a tasty snack, get yourself some tuna fish, add some mayo to it and your seasoning of choice, add a bit o corn, and put it on a piece of toasted bread. Voila, you have a tasty snack that your kids will have about, and this is a great and quick midday snack that you can prepare for them.

Final thought


Remember, carbs are not your enemies. You just need to have a healthy diet to have a complimentary meal. Try eating at least 3 to 5 fruits and vegetables each day; we know that fresh produce isn’t always cheap; this is why you shop buy them either in a farmer’s market or frozen. Junk food like pizza, fizzy drinks, and chicken nuggets are delicious, but everything in excess is bad for you; this is why you should have a flexible diet where you eat a little bit of everything.

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