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Foods and Drink to Avoid for Your Baby’s Health During Pregnancy

A balanced diet is the one you should follow during pregnancy. However there are some foods and drinks that should be removed from your menu for your and your baby’s safety. And, today, we’ll go over them in detail. Interested in learning more? Grab a pen and paper and take notes.


It contains a large amount of vitamin A, which in high doses can harm the fetus, and concentrates the chemical substances that are usually given to the animal. You should not include liver or foie gras in your diet.


Found in coffee, tea and colas, excessive consumption during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight and miscarriages. Another reason to reduce its consumption is that it makes it difficult to absorb iron, a fundamental mineral in these months. Don’t exceed two coffees a day.

Carbonated Drinks

They are not recommended: they contain gas, sugars and additives. They do not provide any nutrients and can cause digestive problems such as flatulence and a bloated stomach. Drink them from time to time only.


Even moderate alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight and birth complications. And while the effects of continuous use of small amounts are not well known, studies suggest that it may also be harmful to the fetus. In addition, alcohol interferes with the absorption of folic acid and other B vitamins, which are necessary for a healthy pregnancy.


If it homemade, you have to take it freshly made to avoid the rish of salmonellosis. Wash the egg well before cracking it –it can contain germsand don’t use the shell to separate the yolk from the whites. In restaurants, check that the mayonnaise in the salad or in any other dish is not homemade.

Dairy products made from unpasteurized milk which can cause listeriosis, an infection. The bacteria that cause the infection are found in meat and dairy products made with raw milk, such as some camenbert, brie or blue cheese, feta or some soft cheeses. Some countries do not authorize the manufacture of cheeses with raw milk, but it is advisable to find out about homemade cheeses produced on a small scale.

Some Uncooked Foods

Raw fruits and vegetables provide many benefits in pregnancy. They are high in vitamins, essential oils, water, fibers and satiating power not altered by heat. Of course, it is advisable to wash them thoroughly to remove dirt and traces of pesticides and fertilizers. If you want to increase the guarantees, add a drop of special bleach for food disinfection to the washing water. Yet, other raw foods are more problematic than others. Let’s see below which one.

Undercooked Meat

Avoid it, especially if you are not immune to toxoplasmosis, as the parasite can be found in it and is only destroyed by high temperatures. Raw meat cab also cause listeriosis, a disease that causes few problems for the mother but is very dangerous for the fetus.


They are made with raw meat and you also have to do without them, unless you make sure they are well cooked. And, if you are wondering, yes you can have York or ham turkey or cold cuts made with cooked meat.

Raw Fish

It does not transmit toxoplasmosis, but it can carry anisakis larvae, a fish parasite that causes hypersensitivity reactions in some people, and that loses its allergenic capacity when the fish is frozen. Just in case, both raw fish, Japanese sushi and smoked fish, as well as shellfish especially oysters, mussels and clams, should be avoided. These foods must be eaten very well cooked.

There you are! If you are pregnant, try to avoid to the maximum those foods and drinks. Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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