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How To Be A Supportive Parent For Your Teen

Many of us strive to become supportive parents for our children, but we feel that we are not making enough progress. You should know that your relationship with your child will not be static like any other relationship you build. Relationships are meant to be dynamic and constantly changing. So don’t worry if you didn’t get it right from the start; you will have the opportunity to get back on track.

One of the most heartbreaking phases for parents is when their babies grow into teenagers. Your child wants to be free during this time, while you still see them as your baby. Therefore, there may be some arguments with them, but this should not mean that you cut yourself off from them. In these moments, you should show them that you will support them no matter how different you both are, which can be quite difficult. Let’s learn how to become supportive parents…

What is supportive parenting?

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To be supportive, you need to understand what “supportive” means. Supportive parents know their children’s interests and hobbies, and knowing your child’s interests will make it easier for you to get excited about that particular interest.

For example, if your child loves football, you should go to the game or practice to show your support. You should encourage your child, listen to their concerns, recognize and congratulate their achievements, and not pressure them.

Why is this important?

As your child grows into a teenager, they will be heavily influenced by peers, the media, and sometimes even family. You will not be able to control every relationship, and you will not be with them 24/7.

If you step in as an authority and try to get them back on track, they will break down, but not as much if they do not have a trust relationship with them. The most important component you want to instill in your child is love, trust, support, and optimism.

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Tips and tricks

As parents, it is our job to protect our children, but we must remember that the world can be very cruel, and we need to prepare them for that. Many parents try to protect their children, but when they face the outside world unprepared, they tend to become depressed and develop mental health problems.

Therefore, it is important to let your child know the hard truth when you are still there for him. In this case, you can show him that you love and care for him.

Trust can come from both sides, so it is important that you tell them important things and involve them in family decisions to see that you trust them, then they can trust you too. If you tell them about your mistakes in the past, you can prevent them from making the same mistakes because they already know the consequences.


Being a parent can be very tough, and you should not limit being a parent to your child. Sometimes your child mimics what they see you doing whenever they are growing up, and you become their landmark, and you have to watch out for your actions.

Commit to loving yourself, do not body-shame yourself, respect others and try to guide rather than punish.

Your children’s teenage years will be difficult; there will be a lot of arguing, shouting, and frustration. But this is perfectly normal. Your child is in a growing phase; their body will change, as will their character. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t recognize your child, but don’t worry, we have gone through this phase too. You should show support and love; these are the most important things to show them that you are there for them. Let us know in the comments how you experience your child’s transition to teenager…

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