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What To Do When Your Kid Won’t Stop Asking For A Swimming Pool?

What To Do When Your Kid Won’t Stop Asking For A Swimming Pool?

To all parents reading this article,

I know sometimes you feel like your kids are just a bunch of spoiled brats, with absolutely no manners and don’t care about anything except getting their wishes fulfilled. But, you are wrong! They are just stubborn little creatures with strong primitive impulses such as expressing their feelings or asking over 300 questions each day.

“Can I have that new toy?”

“Can I watch TV?”

“Can I eat this?”

Toddlers and young kids ask questions all the time. While some requests are easy to handle, asking for a swimming pool goes on an entirely different level. But, how do you respond in such situations?

Try To Understand Your Kid’s Request

Try To Understand Your Kid’s Request

Your first natural response as a parent would be a plain “no!”

This simple word might put off an adult, but not a kid. The next morning, the moment your feet will press to the floor, your life would be invaded with lots of “Whys.”

Because we don’t have enough space for a pool.

Because mommy didn’t get married to Bill Gates.

Because mommy will slowly lose her mind. 

With every “why” your tone would get sharper and your words uglier. To save your sanity, I suggest changing tactics.

Try to understand why your kid is so desperate for a swimming pool. Is it just for fun? Or, have they started dreaming about pursuing swimming on a more competitive level?

Pause and Decide

Pause and Decide

Take a brief pause and think about your kid’s request. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I Afford A Swimming Pool?

As per recent numbers, in-ground pools can cost around $35,000 and $65,000 while above-ground pools are significantly more affordable, ranging from $1,500 to $15,000, depending on the size. When it comes to indoor pools, they are the most expensive ones with an estimated cost range of $40,000 and $200,000.

Furthermore, a simple concrete pool is often more costly than a fibreglass one ranging about $ 25, 000 upwards).

You’ll also need to factor in the additional costs for the ongoing care and maintenance of the swimming pool.

Little tip: For those living in the vicinity of Greensborough, I promise Civic Pool & Spa Shop will provide you with a wide range of swimming pool supplies and facilities at affordable prices.

  • Is My Site Appropriate For Pool Construction?

 Many builders recommend soil testing to determine whether or not the location is appropriate for pool installation. Swimming pools, for example, maybe simply built on flat ground. But what if your place has a steep slope or adverse ground characteristics, such as a high water table or highly sandy, expansive, or rocky soil? These are building issues that can significantly raise construction expenses.

In addition, if you reside in an area prone to earthquakes, landslides, rainwater run-off, or floods, you will need to sign up for a geotechnical engineering test to determine the appropriateness of the site.

 Before the pool builder begins excavating, make sure there are no water, sewage, gas, electrical, or other utility lines running through your property. You may either examine the building blueprints for your house or visit your local records office.

The size and location of your property now influence the size and design of your swimming pool. For example, when it comes to development near boundaries or shadowing from adjacent buildings, some modest urban sites have hard criteria.

Establish Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips With Your Kids

Establish Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips With Your Kids

That is, if you have agreed about getting a swimming pool.

A pool in the backyard promises endless summer fun for your kids but also comes with a heavy responsibility for parents.

Drowning can happen really fast, devastating a whole family. If you want to prevent any tragic situations, talk about all the aspects of water safety with your kid – just like you do for sleep schedules and gaming apps.

When You Need To Say No

When You Need To Say No

No matter how much you want your little demon to be happy, you can’t always say yes, especially when you are buried in a tight financial mess. Here’s how to make saying no work with your kid:

  • Give your reason first and try to make your kid understand your decision.
  • Don’t pay heeds to your kid’s arguments and stick to your decision.
  • Bribe them –sorry, there was no better way of saying it. I don’t know if offering an ice cream might work instead of a swimming pool, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Now, if you really think a backyard pool might be beneficial for your kids, contacting Civic Pool & Spa Shop will make your pool experience more enjoyable.



















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