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Top 5 Reasons For Your Kids To Play Soccer

When children are still young, they test many sports to find one or the ones that will fascinate them. Tennis, dance, soccer, horseback riding, handball, judo, gymnastics… are some classic sports that they like to try and allow them to develop physically and mentally, collectively and/or individually. One of the most popular sports for children is soccer: for boys but also more and more for girls.

The international competitions for men and women are no stranger to this sport, and the number of memberships after the Euro or the World Cup is always increasing. This sport attracts people because it gets a lot of media coverage, but also because it is so easy to play: a ball, a partner, and the game can start, in the yard, in the garden, on the beach, with family, with friends… even when you don’t play in a club, there is always a ball nearby to play.

 1. A sport that is becoming more feminine


 Soccer often starts at a very young age: little boys play with their father or brother and then become passionate about playing in a club and supporting their favorite team. More and more young girls are also daring to take an interest in this sport and are now joining the women’s structures in many clubs.

The media success and the popular craze during the Women’s World Cup that took place in France last summer have contributed to attracting the attention of girls of all ages. This type of event helps to highlight women’s sports and often triggers club membership at the beginning of the next school year. 

 2. There is no age to kick a ball

 Many children have kicked a foam ball just after starting to walk, and the small foam ball has become a bigger plastic ball before changing into a leather ball! The virus spreads quickly and makes them want to play even more often, and the most enthusiastic join a club to experience “real” matches and live the adventure of training on Wednesdays and Saturdays and matches on Sundays, washing equipment for the following week, etc.

 3. From ball to passion


 Children, whether they are members of a club or not, follow the soccer news and watch the matches on television or even attend the match in the stadium with an adult. The passion goes beyond the practice: to the broadcasted match is sometimes added the wearing of clothes with the effigy of their favorite club and player, the collection of a soccer album. The passion is born with friends or family.

Passion is also driven by a desire to imitate: this sport has so many emblematic players who impress children that they want to reproduce an exceptional gesture while playing or even want to replay the match during a game of table soccer or soccer in the street or the square, sometimes without a field. No poles mark the goals, but school bags or sweaters will do the trick. It doesn’t matter what the field is, as long as the children have a ball!

4. Playing sports while playing

 Playing soccer as a team, with friends, with family… it’s always a good way to play a sport requiring physical coordination, mental anticipation, and team spirit to make the most of the ball received by passing it to a teammate or shooting.

 5. A formative sport


 The rules of the game also teach the child that they must be applied, on and off the field, and this is formative: it develops listening skills, physical effort, and effort for the group, respect… values that are also necessary for everyday life, both at school and at home. Soccer also teaches you to manage your emotions in victory as well as in defeat: you respect your opponent whether you have won or lost, and you learn from the match by reviewing the positive points and the areas for improvement.

We learn from our mistakes and weaknesses, grow together, and progress by being united. They are not only people who run after a ball, as we can sometimes hear; they are also young people who will discover, thanks to sport, many virtues that will serve them all their life.

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