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Ways to Reward Your Child and Motivate Them for Good Behaviour

The rewards concept is a great way to motivate your children and encourage good behavior. However, you don’t need to buy a Smart TV or the new Nintendo Switch for that. Here are some simple ways how you can reward your kids.

#1. Using Verbal Praise

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Who said that you have to praise your child only when it comes to giant achievements? Besides, it cost nothing to say a few words of encouragement. Zilch!

Here are some tips to help you praise your child better rather than just saying “great job”:

  • Always use “I” when you are praising your kid. When you are saying things such as, “I really appreciated that you helped your friend today” or “I absolutely love the drawings you made for me”, you are telling your child how much you approve and appreciate their actions.
  • Rather than choosing common words of praise such as, “Good boy/good girl” or “Nice job”, why don’t you opt for things that will make them reflect back on their actions and evaluate themselves, like, “You look like you enjoyed helping them out.” You could also phrase it in terms of questions, “Are you happy you helped grandma?” or “Did you enjoy drawing that picture?”
  • And, the most important one: do not praise your kid or their achievement but rather their efforts. Please do not say your child is a good one, but their behavior is a good one.

#2. Give Your Child Affection

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When it’s time to reward your kid for their excellent behavior, nowadays, many parents tend to think only of tangible materials. But, what about that one thing which is free, immediately available and can do so much good to your child? Yes, I am talking about affection.

Even science supports that the love and affection of parents can have several life-long positive outcomes on children. And, not only eight-month-old babies deserve that parental warmth and affection.

So, give your child a high five, a pat on the back, arm or shoulder, a big smile or loads of hugs and kisses to appreciate their good behavior.

#3. Spend Extra, Quality Time With Your Child

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Simply answer these: When was the last time you watched a movie with your kids? When did you read some bedtime stories for them? How many times have you spent some extra time with them after school time? Did you ever bake a cake with them?

It’s good if you can provide a huge house with all its facilities for your child. It’s also good that you can buy all kinds of toys and games for them. But, wouldn’t it be better if you could also spend some extra, quality time with them?

A child doesn’t need much. But, what it needs the most is you. When you spend some time with your kid, creating or doing things that you both enjoy, you are strengthening the bonds between you and them.

#4. Let Them Watch Their Favorite Movie

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Honestly, if I were a kid (heck, I’m still one), this would have probably motivated me the most. And, who doesn’t like to sit on a comfortable couch, have some delicate and extra buttery popcorn and watch that muscular body of Jason Statham in full action? (Oh, did I mention how much I drool when his abs just pop out).

Oops, sorry, I forgot this is an all-kids-zone.

Ahem, anyway, whether your kid is a fan of the all-time classic Harry Potter Series or of the Avengers movies, allow them some screen time.

#5. Listen to Music

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I’m sure you must have heard about the benefits of music. But did you know that music can play an important role in the development of your child and help them improve their social skills?

Well, as per a 2016 study at the University of Southern California, listening to music can boost brain development, especially in the areas concerning language acquisition and reading skills.

So, go ahead and let your child enjoy some nice music.

The list is long and not yet done. If you really want to reward the efforts of your kids, follow the second part to find out more.

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