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Yoga Benefits for Expectant Mothers, New Mothers, and Babies

Yoga Benefits for Expectant Mothers, New Mothers, and Babies

Yoga Benefits for Expectant Mothers, New Mothers, and Babies


Most of the time, yoga can be practiced by all, except in case of contraindications and in certain situations where it is necessary to choose an adapted yoga:

– yoga pregnant woman,

– yoga for children,

– yoga for seniors.

Yoga during pregnancy: yes, it is possible

The pregnant woman can be in two situations:

– either already in a yoga practice before her pregnancy, which is ideal, it will just need:

– adapt the exercises to her changing body,

– to be advised by a yoga teacher who is used to practicing with pregnant women,

– or a stranger to yoga and willing to take it up for the entire pregnancy.

The form of yoga taught to pregnant women is similar to hatha yoga, but the exercises are adapted to each woman and are always practiced gently.

The influence of yoga Nidra is also essential to allow relaxation and breathing leading to better sleep.

Note: the ideal is to practice at a rate of 2 sessions of 1h30 per week.

Yoga and pregnant women: a double advantage

Prenatal yoga can not only help in the pregnancy phase but also is a preparation for childbirth.

Yoga: ideal during pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy will allow the mother

– learn to relax throughout motherhood,

– to keep or improve her flexibility through exercises that are practiced gently,

– to keep in touch with her sensations, her body and her child,

– learn to breathe better, which will also help her prepare for the birth, etc.

Yoga to prepare for childbirth

Yoga Benefits for Expectant Mothers, New Mothers, and Babies

All the exercises practiced gently have for goal over the months:

– to help the mother to fight against the stress and the possible mood swings in the first months,

– to help the mother to overcome her apprehension of childbirth: more serenity,

– to fight against her fatigue, often more important during pregnancy: the vital energy is increased thanks to the practice of yoga,

– to get her used to work on the breath,

– to prepare physically by selected exercises (example: softening of the pelvis),

– to fight against the most common ailments during pregnancy (back pain in particular).

Yoga for pregnant women: points to watch out for

Yoga Benefits for Expectant Mothers, New Mothers, and Babies


Some types of yoga postures taught in normal times are no longer suitable for pregnant women because their bodies change. It is thus essential:

– that she addresses herself as a yoga teacher knowing the practice of yoga with pregnant women,

– That she asks the opinion of her doctor or obstetrician before any beginning of a session.

There are specific cases where yoga is forbidden to pregnant women, notably

– in case of a difficult or even risky pregnancy,

– if there are cases of miscarriage in her family history,

– if she notices the presence of abnormal bleeding,

– if she has high blood pressure,

– if she has significant circulatory problems (varicose veins, venous thrombosis, etc.) or heart problems

– if the fetus is fragile, etc.

Now, let’s look at the practice of mother-baby yoga. It is an excellent way to get back in shape after giving birth and to find harmony while the hormonal rebalancing is in full swing.

It is also an opportunity to bond, to promote the union between mother and baby, and to take time for yourself and your baby. Being a mother is a new life. You must get to know your baby and yourself in this new role. Zoom on this yoga technique.

Good to know: babies are always welcome, no matter their mood.

Mom-baby yoga: being a mom and staying in shape

The proposed postures are adapted to the post-natal period. The exercises are mainly aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles but also work on the hips, the buttocks and the perineum.

The benefits of mother-baby yoga are numerous:

– getting back into shape after childbirth and regaining form and flexibility;

– toning the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles;

– relieve the tensions of carrying and reclaiming your body;

– find harmony in the hormones in rebalancing;

– to establish collaboration with your baby and to relax (a relaxed mother is a relaxed baby).

Mommy-baby yoga classes are also an opportunity to share with other moms.

Good to know: it is, of course, possible to take a break between classes to breastfeed or change your baby.

Benefits of mother-baby yoga for her child

In addition to allowing a good start in the relationship between mother and baby, mother-baby yoga helps the baby’s development.

The proposed movements strengthen the spine, promote joint flexibility, and tone the body. Mom-baby yoga allows the baby to:

– socialize with other babies and evolve in a stimulating environment;

– Stimulate their development through massage and adapted exercises;

– gain attention and develop new motor skills.

The mother performs certain postures with the baby, and others are specific to him (stimulations, massages, stretching).

Good to know: the practice of mother-baby yoga is possible as soon as the mother has recovered from her delivery and until the baby starts to crawl too actively. To be specified according to the class and the teacher you choose.


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