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Top 10 Bollywood Movies Parents Must Watch With Kids (Part 1)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Parents Must Watch With Kids (Part 1)

In Bollywood, there are many movies that can educate your kids and broaden their minds. Watching Hindi movies will be not only a fun experience but also a very inspiring one. So, here are some Bollywood movies that I suggest you watch with your kids!

Taare Zameen Par 

Known in English as “Like Stars on Earth,” this 2007 Indian movie was directed and produced by Aamir Khan. With Darsheel Safary and Aamir Khan in lead roles, Taare Zameen Par is a heart-touching movie with a strong and powerful message for parents. The movie was directed based on a sensitive and brilliantly written script. The story deals with the subject of dyslexic children and the problems they face in everyday life.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that primarily affects a person’s ability and skills to read, spell, write and speak. Children with dyslexia have trouble in writing, spelling, identifying speech sounds and reading at a good pace. Studies have revealed this learning disorder could affect at least 1 in 5 children. However, surveys carried out have revealed that many teachers have a stereotypical view of this disorder. Once they identify a child with dyslexia, they start neglecting the kid as they believe the child will never be able to succeed in education. Most teachers fail to recognize that even if these children may have trouble connecting letters they see with the sounds those letters make, they are very hardworking and smart.

Taare Zameen Par is a very compelling movie as it displays the struggles and difficulties faced by a dyslexic kid. It evokes the emotions of a scared little boy who doesn’t know that despite being different from other kids, he is as much special as them.

The movie follows the life of an 8-year-old boy called Ishaan Awasthi who is always lost in his world of kites, colors and animals and therefore finds it difficult to “mingle” with other boys of his age group. When complaints start to pour in about how Ishaan is not focusing on his studies and homework, his stereotypical father sends him off to a boarding school. However, life at the boarding school is no different; he is still being oppressed and insulted because no one around him recognizes and acknowledges the fact that he is suffering from a learning disorder. The beauty of this story is how the essence of the movie applies to all children –learning disorder or not!

Eventually, Nikumbh’s entry into the school as a temporary art teacher changes everything, including Ishaan’s boring life. Unlike other conventional teachers, Nikumbh wants the kids to think outside of books and outside the four walls of the class. With his passion and enthusiasm, Nikumbh makes Ishaan realize that he is not abnormal –he is just different. Most importantly, Nikumbh makes Ishaan’s parents also understand that their kid is not lazy or stupid but rather very special with a unique set of talents.

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar KeIn case you favor comedy over family drama, this classic 1993 Indian movie is the perfect choice for you!

This romantic-comedy movie was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and produced by Tahir Hussain. This sweet movie narrates the story of Rahul Malhotra, who is entrusted to take care of his dead sister’s spoilt kids, Sunny, Vicky and Munni. As Rahul struggles to play the role of a parent to the three mischievous kids, he is also given charge of a garments factory which is drowned in debt. Then enters the bubbly and feisty Vyjayanti!

When Vyjayanti learns that her father plans to marry her to a South Indian music legend (who seems somewhat creepy), she runs away from home and meets the three devils at a carnival. When the kids learn that she has nowhere to go, they invite her to stay in their house. Two nights later, when Rahul discovers the kids’ secret, he is angry but then allows Vyjayanti to stay as the children’s governess. How Vyjayanti wins the hearts f the kids, how she falls in love with Rahul and how they all transform into a big happy family completes the rest of the story.


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