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Which Shoes for Your Baby?

Which Shoes for Your Baby?


    – What shoes for a nonwalking baby?

    – What shoes for a walking baby?

Quickly forgotten the lovely little slippers of the newborn… A baby, whether he walks or not, needs shoes… if only to keep his feet warm in winter!

We easily fall in love with the little pairs of baby shoes in a store… But how do you choose a good, comfortable, flexible, and solid model? We guide you!

What type of shoes to choose for a nonwalking baby?

Baby shoes Baby shoes

A baby who does not walk needs shoes in winter to go out with the feet well with the heat. Therefore, we prefer lined boots or even waterproof ones.

In the summer, however, babies can go out in socks or even barefoot if it’s sweltering. So treat yourself! If you put shoes on him, it’s only for the look. 

Good to know: when the baby is on the floor, wriggling, rolling over, or crawling, his feet need to be protected. So remember to at least put socks or booties on them.

A challenge: the shoe that holds the foot 

Babies who don’t walk tend to lose their shoes. It would help if you chose a model that will hold his foot well. Long live Velcro and laces!

The shoe store ensures you can quickly put the chosen model on your baby. It’s out of the question to hurt him every time he needs to be put on! 

Good to know: as far as booties are concerned, leather models with elastic at the ankle hold baby’s feet very well.

What shoes for a walking baby?

Baby shoes

For a baby’s feet and gait to develop well, it is essential to choose quality shoes. You need to budget for about 40 dollars every 3 to 4 months.

This budget is not negligible, so it is essential to choose a pair that can cope with all situations: good weather, rain, family meals, and walks in nature …

Tip: watching for special offers is also a good idea!

Choose the type of shoe. 

Choose shoes that hold the ankle well to ensure your baby’s comfort when walking. It’s better for balance!

In addition, choose a model with a sole that has a slight bounce in the foot’s arch. This avoids arching your legs inward. 

Note: put the baby’s shoes on only some of the time. He must walk barefoot or in soft slippers to build his little feet. So shoes are only for outings!

Choosing the size.

The size is of capital importance. Contrary to popular belief, it would help if you didn’t go one size bigger to make your shoes last longer. This small saving would result in harming baby’s feet and gait.

Ask a salesperson to help you determine your child’s size, and carry a pedometer to keep track. You’ll need to change shoes every 3/4 months.

Good to know: to check if the pair of shoes are adapted to your child’s foot, you must pass your index finger easily on the heel.

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